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Kansas Saloon Owners & Keepers.

This page is to help those families that know their ancestor was a Saloon Owner or a Saloon Keeper and lived some where in Kansas, but have no idea where or how to look for them. I hope this page will be a help to some.

T. J. Lyons Jr.

In 1892 he decided to launch out into business on his own account and in that year opened a retail meat market and grocery store, his place of business having been located on Summit street in Kansas City, Missouri. In 1893, however, he disposed of that business and opened a saloon in the same city, later conducting a saloon in Kansas City, Kansas. He never grew very enthusiastic about the saloon business, however, and eventually disposing of his establishment he turned his attention to real estate operations, in which line of enterprise he has since been engaged and in which he has achieved unusual success.

Leavenworth City, 1865.

1. John Maduska, saloon.
2. G. Schmidt, saloon


Chris Gilson's saloon.

1877 Wichita City Directory.

1. Brown, J. W. bowling alley and saloon, 76 Douglas av res 87 and 91 Main st.
2. Ditmann, Lewis W. saloon, Douglas av 3rd door w of Main.
3. Farrow & Parker, star of the west saloon, Main 4 doors w of Douglas av.
4. Fowler & Parker, saloon, Main st, nr cor Douglas av.
5. Fred’s saloon, F. Ille, propr, beer, wines, liquors and cigars, 76 Douglas av.
6. Ille, F. propr Fred’s saloon, 76 Douglas av, w of Chicago lumber yard.
7. Ritter, Jacob, city hall saloon, 67 Main st., res 77 and 79 Lawrence av.
8. Smith, O. H. saloon, n s Douglas av e of depot, res same.
9. Sullard & Barnett, gem saloon, Douglas av n s of the railroad.


C. A. Fuller, Saloon.

Washington city, Kansas, 1876.

Sid Bradway’s saloon, and pool hall.

Chase County, Kansas, 1853-1899.

1861, APRIL 2--John W. S. Loy asks for a license to sell intoxicating liquors, and "a bond being executed a license is granted for a liquor saloon and grocery."

1871, Chas. Myers will convert his saloon into a bakery.

1872, A Christmas tree and dance is announced for Cedar Point.
Lewis Mack, dressed as a German prince, having just received a keg of beer, rides about the Falls on Christmas day, inviting all "to free beer at Ny's saloon between 10 and 12 o'clock. (The Falls for many years was the rendevous of a crowd of roisterers--and sometimes worse than that--whose actions were flagrant, and whose influence upon many lives was disastrous.)
Delphos Carrier, Dec 14, 1883.


Last Saturday evening, Beloit was thrown into a fever of excitement by the announcement that James Davis, saloon keeper on the corner of Mill and South St. had shot and killed Pete Dolan. Davis was immediately arrested and a jury of inquest was called and held over the body of the deceased. Upon investigation it was found that Dolan had been drinking during the afternoon, was in possession of a self-cocking revolver which he was offering to trade to Davis for a watch, Davis examined the revolver and declined to trade. At the time of the interview the revolver was not loaded; Dolan lingered about the saloon till supper time when Davis went to his supper, upon his return after supper Dolan was still in the saloon, but during Davis' absence had put two cartridges in the revolver, the conversation was again renewed in regard to the trade. Dolan handed the revolver to Davis without informing him that it was loaded; just at the moment Davis was in the act of pressing his finger upon the trigger, Dolan stepped in front of the revolver, receiving the charge in the right side of the chest killing him instantly. The jury rendered a verdict of accidental killing.

Leavenworth City.
1860, census.

1. Leibbrand Julius, age 33, Saloon Keeper, born Wurtenburg.
2. Trocon August, age 45, Saloon Keeper, born France.
3. Daniel Michael, age 29, Saloon Keeper, born Ireland.

Caldwell Township.
1875 census.

1. H. Zuber, age 28, Saloon Keeper, born Ohio.
2. S. Zuber, (F) age 22, Saloon Keeper, born Ohio.

Wellington Township.
1875 census.

1. John S. Walters, age 38, Saloon Keeper, born New York.
2. Wm. M. Prior, age 30, Saloon Keeper, born Missouri.
3. A. G. Vinson, age 34, Saloon Keeper, born Kentucky.
4. Penn Yetter, age 27, Saloon Keeper, born Delaware.

Paola Village in the County of Lykins State Territory of Kansas.
1860 Census.

1. Abraham Smith, age 41, Saloon Keeper, born Virginia.
2. Jas W. Ellis, age 31, Saloon Keeper, born Kentucky.
3. Jno F. Townsend, age 28, Saloon Keeper, born Virginia.
4. Geo D Tomlinson, age 28, Saloon Keeper, born Indiana.

Ossawattomie in the County of Lykens State Territory of Kansas
1860 census.

1.Geo C Forrey, age 22, Saloon Keeper, born Massachusetts.

Wichita, Kansas, 1870 census.

1. BUNY Christian, age 43, Saloon keeper, born Switzerland.
2. THOMPSON John E., age 45, Saloon keeper, born Pennsylvania.
3. VANDERVOORT Jesse, age 57, Saloon keeper, born New York.

Gove County Kansas.
1880 Census.

1. Jas. C. Peer?, age 25, Saloon Keeper, born Kansas.

Osawatomie City, Miami County.
1900 census.

1. Plummer, William, born Feb., 1862, age 38, Saloon keeper, born Ohio.
Wife: Plummer, Nettie born April 1872, age 28, born Missouri.
Son: Plummer, Laud E., October 1891, age 8, born Kansas.

Paola City in the County of Miami , State Kansas.
1870 census.

1. Hughs James, age 34, Saloon Keeper, born Pennsylvania.
2. Spencer Thos B., age 29, Saloon Keeper, born Ohio.

Douglas County Marriages.

1. Feil, George, Saloon Keeper Kellerman, Antony, Eudora, KS 9 May 1865.

Grand River Township, Kansas.
1880 census.

1. GADER Frank, age 25, Saloon Keeper, born Belgium.

Saloon keepers of Parsons, Kansas.
Year not stated.

John Austin, Wm. Dana, Z. T. Swigert, Chas. Hazard.

Douglas County Marriage.

1. Kellerman, Antony, Eudora, KS-- Feil, George, Saloon Keeper 09 May 1865.

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