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Kansans in the Mexican War.

I started out to do a page on Kansans that were in the Mexican War, but I soon found that it wouldn’t be that easy. “Oh” there were a lot of Kansas men associated with the war, however after reading the information I found it was their father or grandfather that was in the war. I also found that these fathers and grandfathers were not living in Kansas at the time and most never made it to Kansas. My search started with the key word (Mexican War), , now this got me a lot of hits on Kansas men, but as I read their history I found it was their father or grandfather that was in the war and not them self’s, and this is not what I wanted.

I had a small list of men and I was about to delete the page, but I got to thanking that there may be some who would be interested in it. I also thought that there would be some interested in some of those Kansas families that had member in the Mexican War, so I have provided you with a link so you can search for them. The Key word is ( Mexican war.) Use the search at the top of the page.

Kingman County Kansas, Mexican War Veterans.

Elijah C. Pulliam.
Birth : Nov. 1, 1823, Anderson County, Kentucky.
Death: Jun. 5, 1896, Kingman County, Kansas.
Burial: Rago Cemetery, Rago, Kingman County Kansas.
Wife: Harriett M. Pulliam.

Civil War: Company H., 32nd Regiment Illinois Infantry.
Mexican War Veteran.

John C. Settle, was unable to find any info.

Merill W. Wheeler.
Birth: Nov., 1827.
Death: Jun. 15, 1903
Burial: Walnut Hill Cemetery, Kingman, Kingman County, Kansas.

Mexican War: Company A, Marmon's IA Vol.

Louis William Wilson, a prominent citizen of Topeka, was born on a farm near Marengo, Iowa county, Iowa, June 9, 1852, a son of Col. Bartholemew W. Wilson, a farmer by occupation and a native of Orange county, Indiana, where he was born, June 17, 1827. He was a soldier in both the Mexican and Civil wars, serving as a member of Gen. John C. Fremont's mounted riflemen in the Mexican war and as colonel of the Twenty-eighth Iowa regiment in the Civil war.

Col. Bartholemew W. Wilson, father of Louis W., served in Company G of Col. John C. Fremont's famous regiment of mounted riflemen in the Mexican war, enlisting July 22, 1846, and being discharged Aug. 22, 1848. He took part in the siege of Vera Cruz, the battle of Cerro Gordo, San Antonio, Mexico, Contreras, Churubusco, and at Chapultepec, where he was wounded in the forehead. He also served three years in the Civil war and made a fine record as colonel of the Twenty-eighth Iowa, which did service at Grand Gulf, Port Gibson, Raymond, Champion Hill, Black River, Vicksburg and Jackson, in the State of Mississippi; at Alexandria and Mansfield, La.; and at Winchester, Cedar Creek and Fisher's Hill, in Virginia. He was wounded in the left leg at Cedar Creek. He was commisisoned[sic] captain of his company, Oct. 10, 1862; lieutenant-colonel of his regiment, April 7, 1863; and colonel of his regiment on June 17, 1865.

Jesse Weatherby was a soldier in the Mexican war and served under General Scott. And one of the first incidents that made a lasting impression on the youthful mind of Joseph Weatherby was the Mexican war. After returning from the Mexican war, Jesse Weatherby remained in Ohio until 1858, when he went to Illinois, settling in McLean county, near Bloomington, where he resided until about the close of the Civil war, when he went to Iowa. In 1875, he came to Kansas and located in Barton county, and later went to Indian Territory and made his home with his son, Robert, until his death in 1896.

Index of Names, Miami Co. Veterans 1954.

Day, John D.
Birth: Mar. 11, 1829.
Death: Mar. 31, 1892.
Burial: Stanton Cemetery, Stanton, Miami County, Kansa.
Wife: Lorana Day (1833 - 1892)
Children: Elmira Day (1858 - 1866), Alice Day (1860 - 1861), Cora Day (1868 - 1871), John Day (1869 - 1870).

Deem, Benjamin.
Birth: 1812.
Death: 1896.
Burial: Louisburg Cemetery, Louisburg, Miami County, Kansas.

McNalley, James, was unable to find any info.

Meinold, Theodore.
Birth: Unknown.
Death: Aug. 3, 1879.
Burial: Paola Cemetery, Paola, Miami County, Kansas.

Reed, Jesse, was unable to find any info.

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