Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Cooley's In Kansas, Civil War Soldiers

There were 1,123 Cooley’s in the Civil War, and they were on both sides. These five are from Kansas. I know there isn’t a lot of information here but for those looking into to this line may find this information very important.

Cooper C. Cooley.

Cooper C. Cooley, is on the rosters as Cooper C. Coolie, also went by the name of Samuel Cooley. He was a private, in the 5th., Kansas Volunteer Cavalry, company B., enlisted on December 10, 1861, mustered in the same day, he mustered out Sept. 3, 1864.

William J. Cooley.

William J. Cooley was a private in the 9th., Kansas Volunteer Cavalry, his home was Auburn, he enlisted on April 23, 1663, mustered in May 8, 1863, was assigned to new Company A., no evidence of muster out on file.
His birth and death are unknown, his burial is at Casement Cemetery, Sedan, Chautauqua, County, Kansas.

James C. Cooley.

James C. Cooley, was a private, in the 11th., Kansas Volunteer Cavalry, his home was Emporia, he enlisted on August 23, 1862, mustered in September 10, 1862. Promoted Sergeant; mustered out with company August 7, 1865. Sergeant; Reduced to ranks.

John W. Cooley.

He was of the 14th., Kansas Volunteer Cavalry, however his roster couldn’t be found.

Zara Cooley.

Zara Cooley, also went by Zava, was a private, in the 16th., Kansas Volunteer Cavalry, his home was Leavenworth, enlisted on June 1, 1864, mustered in June 4, 1864, mustered out with company November 28, 1865.

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