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Lorenzo D. Lewelling.

Lorenzo D. Lewelling.

Lorenzo Dow Lewelling (December 21, 1846 – September 3, 1900) was the 12th Governor of Kansas.

Lewelling was born to William Lewelling, an abolitionist who died soon after making an empassioned speech in Indiana. Lewelling was raised by his widowed mother and struggled to gain an education.

Following the Civil War, Lewelling became a teacher at Whittier College in Salem, Iowa. He was known to be an excellent lecturer and frequently gave public recitals of poetry.

Lewelling was superintendent of the girls department of the state reform school in Iowa before moving to Wichita, Kansas.

Lewelling was swept into office as a third-party candidate in the election of 1892.

Lewelling presided over a state that was largely in the control of the Populists. However, the Legislature was divided into two sections, one claimed by the Populists and one claimed by the Republicans. Lewelling, of course, only recognized the Populist-controlled House. Despite the fact that both groups met in the same chamber at different times, conflict was certain to occur. This led to the *"Legislative War", until the Kansas Supreme Court decided in favor of the Republican-controlled House.

*When the "Legislative War", also know as “Lewelling war,” started the Governor called out the Kansas Guards, and one of the companies called up was from the community of Oakland City, just out side of Topeka. They were called, Oakland Kansas National Guard Company C., and were in the command of Captain Franklin Shafter. If you would like to look over their roster take the following link.
Ida Bishop Lewelling.

Ida B. Lewelling was an ardent reformer and worked diligently with her husband in his campaigns. She remained at the family home in Wichita during her husband’s term but the governor’s daughter, Jessie, moved to Topeka with her father and served as his official hostess. During their stay in Topeka, the governor and his daughter lived and entertained at the Chesterfield Hotel which was located at 113 Kansas Ave.

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