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Governor Nehemiah Green

Nehemiah Green.

Nehemiah Green (March 8, 1837 – January 12, 1890) was the fourth Governor of Kansas, serving in that position on an interim basis from November 1868 to January 1869. He subsequently served as Speaker pro Tempore of the Kansas House of Representatives.

Green was born in Hardin County, Ohio. In 1855, he moved to Kansas Territory with two of his brothers, where he practiced law. After two years in Kansas, Green returned to Ohio to complete his education at Ohio Wesleyan University. Following graduation in 1859 he served as minister at Methodist churches in Aberdeen, Ohio and Williamsburg, Ohio.

During the Civil War, Green served with the Union Army in the 153rd Ohio Volunteer Infantry from 1862 to 1864, when a serious illness in his lungs forced him to leave the service with the rank of Sergeant Major. Following the war Green moved to Manhattan, Kansas, where he served as minister.

In 1866, Green was elected Lieutenant Governor under Samuel Crawford. He ascended to the Governorship when Crawford resigned to join the military a little more than two months before the inauguration of governor-elect James M. Harvey.

After leaving office, Green returned to the ministry in Manhattan. He also served as a regent of, and taught military drill tactics at, Kansas State Agricultural College. After several years outside politics, Green was elected to the Kansas House of Representatives in 1880 and served as Speaker pro-tem until 1882. He died in 1890 from lingering complications from his Civil War illness, and is buried in Manhattan's Sunset Cemetery.

Ida Leffingwell Green, wife of Nehemiah Green .

Ida liked to bake for her husband, Nehemiah and his election as governor did not change this.

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