Friday, May 7, 2010

Governor Thomas Carney.

Thomas Carney.

Birth: Aug. 20, 1824.
Death: Jul. 28, 1888.

Governor: 1863-1865.

Thomas Carney, was the second Governor of Kansas. Carney was born in Delaware County, Ohio to James and Sarah Carney. James died in 1828, and Thomas remained at home farming with his mother until age 19. He was educated in Berkshire, Ohio where he lived with an uncle. Thomas Carney, followed Governor Charles Robinson, and inherited a state that was torn by the bloody sectional conflicts during the Civil War. Served from 1863 to 1865. Also served as a member of the Kansas State House of Representatives in 1861, and as Mayor of Leavenworth, Kansas in 1865.

Thomas Carney died in Leavenworth, Kansas from apoplexy and is buried there in Mount Muncie Cemetery.

Rebecca Canaday Carney.

Birth: Unknown
Death: Unknown

Rebecca Carney, was a social leader in Leavenworth and active in supporting the Kansas Orphan Asylum when her husband Thomas, was elected governor. She was a good hostess and entertained lavishly for her husband. After Governor Carney’s term of office, the family moved back to Leavenworth where Carney served as mayor.

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