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The McFadden Families Of Kansas.

A while back I was asked by a woman from Ca., who had her roots here in Kansas to help her with the McFadden name. I was only able to help her in a little way but she was more then grateful for the information that I was able to give her. Well as it so happens I just started this ( New Site) and was looking for something interesting to put up, and as I had the McFadden name still on my mind I started to research the name a little more. I was amazed on how many McFadden’s had lived in Kansas over the last 100 years and still do to this day, this page is the end result of my research.

Civil War.

1. Alanson A. McFadden, Sergeant, 6th, Kansas cavalry company A., enlisted in July 30, 1861, mustered in on same day. Mustered out Nov. 15, 1864, Ft. Leavenworth, Kan.

2. Clay McFadden, Private, 14th., Kansas Infantry company I., no info at this time.

3. Frank McFadden, Private, 2nd., Kansas Infantry company H. residence Emporia Kansas, enlisted in May 14, 1861, mustered in same day, Mustered out with regiment October 31, 1861

4. John McFadden, Private, 2nd., Kansas Infantry company E., residence Ohio township, enlisted May 14, 1861, mustered in June 20, 1861, Mustered out with regiment October 31, 1861

5. John McFadden, Private, 14th., Kansas Cavalry company I., no info at this time.

6. John A. McFadden, Sergeant, 16th., Kansas Cavalry company C., residence Ohio City, enlisted September 17, 1863, mustered in December 22, 1863, Red. to ranks Apr. 12, '64; mustered out with reg. Dec. 6, '65.

7. Sanford S. or Samuel S. McFadden, Private, 2nd., Kansas Infantry company E., residence Ohio Township, enlister May 14, 1861, mustered in June 20, 1861, Mustered out with regiment October 31, 1861.

8. Thomas McFadden, Private, 15th., Kansas Cavalry company K., no info at this time.

9. Thompson M. McFadden, Private, 2nd., Kansas Cavalry company A., residence Monticello, enlisted November 21, 1861, mustered in December 19, 1861, Mustered out April 14, '65, at Little Rock, Ark.

1883, civil war pensioners.

Amelia McFadden, of Adel, Ness county Kansas, Widow.

Kansas Cyclopedia - 1912.

Jesse E. Ward, On June 1, 1910, was married to Miss Laura, daughter of Dr. Gustavus McFadden, a Kansas pioneer. Dr. McFadden followed the trail from Ottawa to Wilson county when there were but few, if any, settlers in that county. After a long and useful career he passed to rest in August, 1909. Mr. Ward is a Republican, and though he has manifested no political aspirations is deeply interested in the work and welfare of his party. In public affairs he is equally interested and has served as treasurer of the Chanute board of education. Mrs. Ward is a member of the Methodist Episcopal church, and with her husband shares the high esteem of a large circle of friends and associates.

Baxter Springs Cemetery.

Eli A. McFadden, Born 7, June 1823, Died 29, January, 1894. 2nd., Lieutenant, Co. G, 2nd Ohio Infantry.

Second Kansas Cavalryman.

Samuel S. McFADDEN, of Topeka, enlisted Nov. 21, 1861. He was mustered into Co. A on Dec. 19, 1861. He was mustered out April 14, 1865, at Little Rock, Arkansas.


1. Anna Mcfadden--Francis M. Weaver.
2. Beulah B. Mcfadden--Carl I. Proctor.
3. Ella Mcfadden--Frank M. Crow.
4. Margaretta Mcfadden--Charles M. Bidwell.

CENSUS YR: 1870 TERRITORY: KS COUNTY: Anderson DIVISION: Walker township.

1. McFadden Racheal, age 36, Keeping house, PERS VAL., $775, born. OH.
2. McFadden **x, age 19, Keeping house , born OH.
3. McFadden Mary, age 16, at home, born OH.
4. McFadden Jessie, age 13, at home born OH.


1. CATHERINE McFADDEN, age 34., Born Mo.
2. E. M. McFADDEN, age, 35, Born CANADA.
3. BERTHA McFADDEN, age, 12, Born Ks.
4. MABEL McFADDEN, age, 10, Born Ks.
5. RALPH McFADDEN, age, 11 months, Born Ks.

Fort Scott National Cemetery, Fort Scott, Bourbon County, Kansas.

1. McFadden, Dewey E, b. 03/22/1892, d. 11/07/1980, US Army, PVT, Plot: 14 0 416, bur. 11/10/1980.

2. McFadden, Virginia M, b. 06/16/1904, d. 04/26/1979, US Army, PFC, Plot: 14 0 416, bur. 04/30/1979.

Cowley County, Kansas, 1883. Civil War Pensioners.

No. 172.42--Benjamin McFadden--PO. Polo--Cause of pension Ch. Dia. & Dis. Liver & Kidneys--Pension $4.00--Commencement of pension August 1880.

Homesteading Entries in Decatur County, Kansas.
Summit Township, T-4-S R-29-W.

1. Daniel McFadden--First Receipt 9-22-1886--Patent Date 4-24-1890--Township Summit--Section 7.

2. James R. McFadden--First Receipt 2-27-188?--Patent Date 5-14-1888--Township Summit--Section 11.

Naturalization Record 1st Papers, 1880 - 1894.

First Name--Last Name--Page--Country--County--Age--Date Filed
Daniel NcFadden 161 Ireland Decatur 53 Apr. 29, 1885.

Atlas of Decatur County Kansas, 1949.

First name--Last Name--Section--Township
F. M. McFadden 21 Decatur

Graham County Kansas.

Hill City, Kansas.

1. Elsie E. McFadden, b. 1/13/1884, d. 5/25/1957.
2. Charles E. McFadden, b. 2/23/1881, d. 2/11/1967.

History of Wyandotte County Kansas and its people.

John E. McFadden.

JOHN E. McFADDEN. - Bringing to bear an alert mentality, through technical discipline, broad and exact knowledge of the science of jurisprudence, and a personal integrity of the most impregnable order, John Edward McFadden, who is engaged in the successful practice of his profession in Kansas City, is to be designated as one of the essentially representative members of the bar of Wyandotte county, where he has secure place in popular confidence and regard.

John E. McFadden was born at Gananoque, York county, province of Ontario, Canada, not far distant from the beautiful city of Toronto, and the date of his nativity was November 1, 1862. He is a son of Edward and Bridget (Malone) McFadden, both of whom were born and reared in Ireland, where their marriage was solemnized. Not long after their marriage the parents immigrated to America and took up their abode in the province of Ontario, Canada, whence they later removed to the state of Michigan, where they maintained their home for a number of years. In 1871 they left the Wolverine commonwealth to cast in their lot with the state of Kansas, and they were numbered among the early settlers of Jackson county, where the father secured a tract of land and eventually developed a productive farm. Of the twelve children of Edward and Bridget McFadden the youngest is he whose name introduces this sketch, and of the others four sons and two daughters are now living.

John E. McFadden was a lad of nine years at the time of the family removal to Kansas, and he duly assisted in the work of the home farm, the while he availed himself of the advantages of the public schools of the locality and period. Through close application to his studies he prepared himself for collegiate work, his ambition along this line being of most insistent order. He finally was matriculated in Lane University, at Lecompton, this state, where he remained until the latter part of his senior year, when the death of his honored father rendered it necessary for him to return home. In 1884-5 he was engaged in teaching in the schools of Jackson county, and in November, 1887, in pursuance of carefully formulated plans for a future career, he entered the law office of one of the representative members of the bar of Kansas City, Kansas, where, under effective preceptorship, he continued the study of law, which he had prievously carried forward while engaged in teaching school. Here he was admitted to the bar in 1889, and here he has since given his time and attention to the work of his chosen profession, in which his success has been of unequivocal order, denoting his technical ability and also his close application. Mr. McFadden is known as a specially strong and effective trial lawyer and he never presents a cause before court or jury without thorough preparation of the same, so that his percentatige of forensic victories has been specially large.

Loyal to all civic duties, Mr. McFadden is at all times ready to lend his influence and co-operation in the furtherance of measures for the general welfare, and he served two years as a member of the city council, though he has had no desire for public office of any description. His political allegiance is given to the Democratic party.
In the year 1890 was solemnized the marriage of Mr. McFadden to Miss Emma Cruise, of Kansas City, Kansas, and they have one daughter, Margaret.


Among the well known and enterprising business men of Galena is J. B. McFadden, located on West 7th Street. He makes a specialty of high-grade automobile repairing and vulcanizing, also carries a liberal line of automobile accessories, tires, tubes, oils, gas, etc. He is a thoroughly capable and reliable mechanic and his intimate knowledge of this line enables him to furnish his customers absolutely first-class service at right prices. Particular attention is paid to vulcanizing both casings and tubes, his work being of such a satisfactory character that every job turned out is a standing advertisement in his favor. Mr. McFadden is a young man who is well-known and well liked by our people. He assumed control of this business in September, 1922. and since that time has placed his establishment among the vigorous and successful lines of business of the city.

1870 census Wea Township, Miami County Kansas.

First name. Last name. Age. Occupation. Value Real Estate. Value Personal Estate. Born.

1. Andrew H. McFadden, 57, Farmer, $4,800, $700., Tennessee.

2. Elizabeth McFadden, 47, Keeping House, Kentucky.

3. George E. McFadden, 21, Farm Laborer, Indiana.

4. John McFadden, 17, Farm Laborer, Indiana.

5. Charles McFadden, 13, Farm Laborer, Missouri.

6. Fanny McFadden, 8, Kansas.

Peace Cemetery aka Cottonwood Cemetery, aka Sterling Community Cemetery, Sterling, Reno County, Kansas.

1. McFadden, Grace, 1880--1927 Wife of Daniel W. McFadden, Daughter of Henry and Jane Burgess.

2. McFadden, Damon H., 8 Feb 1909--?, Son of Daniel and Grace McFadden

Rawlins County Kansas, Logan Township, 1895 Census.

Name--------Age--- Sex---- Color----- Birthplace---- Vol.---- Page.

1. McFadden, J.M., 52, M., W., Pennsylvania, 302, 5.
2. McFadden, L.H., 40., F., W., Illinois., 302., 5.
3. McFadden, Mary, 12., F., W., Nebraska., 302., 5.
4. McFadden, Carl, 10., M., W., Kansas., 302., 5.
5. McFadden, Agnes, 8., F., W., Kansas., 302., 5.
6. McFadden, Harry, 6., M., W., Kansas., 302., 5.
7. McFadden, Ruth, 4., F., W., Kansas., 302., 5.
8. McFadden, Gldis, 2., F., W., Kansas., 302., 5.



1. McFADDEN BERTHA, 12., F., W., KS., 9.
2. McFADDEN MABEL, 10., F., W., KS., 9.
3. McFADDEN RALPH, 11., M., W., KS., 9.

1860 Census of Leavenworth County, KS.

1.McFadden Wm, age 30, Laborer, born Ireland.
2. McFadden Mary, age 22, born Ireland.
3. McFadden Catherine, age 7, born Ind.
4. McFadden James age 2, born Ind.

Rawlins County Kansas Atwood Township 1885 Census.

1. McFadden, J.M. age 42, born Pennsylvania.
2. McFadden, Laura H., age 27, born Kansas.
3. McFadden, Mary, age 2., born Kansas.
4. McFadden, Carl, age 1., born Kansas.

Chase County, Kansas Cemetery Inscriptions.

Name-- Birth Date-- Death Date-- Cemetery.

1. McFadden, Burga Mae, b. Nov 6, 1918, d. Sep 11 1990-- Elmdale.
2. McFadden, Hazel Mae, b. Apr 1, 1901, d. Oct 9 1942-- Elmdale.

HENRY L. ALDEN & John E. McFadden.

HENRY L. ALDEN arrived in the old village of Wyandotte on Thanksgiving Day morning in November, 1867, and from that time until his death November 2l, 1913, he continued a resident of Wyandotte and of Kansas City, Kansas. He was one of the most distinguished lawyers Kansas ever had. The many public honors that came to him, almost entirely within the scope of his profession, were a tribute to his power as a lawyer and his integrity of character.

In March, 1891, after the resignation of Judge O. L. Miller, Governor Humphrey appointed Mr. Alder as Judge of the District Court of the Twenty-ninth Judicial District. He was regularly elected to the bench of the fall of the same year, and in 1895 was chosen for the second term. He retired from the bench in January, 1900, after a capable administration of nearly nine years. He was a worthy and just judge, impartial, and his thorough knowledge of the law and its application was always balanced by his unblemished integrity of character. After his retirement from the bench, Judge Alden gave his time to the practice of his profession, forming a partnership with John E. McFadden and his son Maurice L. Alden, under the firm name of Alden, McFadden & Alden. On February 1, 1901, Maurice L. Alden withdrew from the firm to become associated with E. S. McAnany, and the firm continued as Alden & McFadden until 1903. From April 1907, to May, 1909, he served as city counsellor of Kansas City, Kansas, and his last important connection as a lawyer was in the position of assistant general solicitor for the Kansas City, Mexico & Orient Railway Company, a post he held from July 1, 1909, to August 1, 1910, when he resigned on account of ill health.


GEORGE M. NELSON & Clara A. McFadden.

George M. Nelson, was married in 1869 to Miss Clara A. McFadden, of Brown County, Ohio, a daughter of Joseph McFadden, who was a native of Virginia. She was a graduate of the Lebanon Normal School of the class of 1868, and for some time followed teaching with excellent success. Four children were born of their marriage, but only one is now living.



JEROME W. DELAPLAIN, who for almost a third of a century has made his home in Allen County, traces his ancestry back to France and finds that many representatives of the family are living in various sections of this country. The orthography of the name has undergone many changes, some spelling it as dwellers of the plains, De La Plain. Samuel Delaplain, the grandfather of our subject, was born about the 7th of November, 1781, and served in the War of 1812. He married Jane McFadden, a descendant of a patriot of Irish birth who served for seven years in the war of the American Revolution. Some time in 1808 Samuel Delaplain, accompanied by one of his brothers, made the journey on horseback from Ohio to Illinois, also accompanied by their aged mother, a Scotch woman, who died at the age of one hundred and four years. The grandfather was a pioneer Methodist preacher and crossed the Mississippi River to a French village where the city of St. Louis, Missouri, now stands. He was also a carpenter and took a contract to build the first market house there, going to the forest and cutting and hewing the timber and making the boards from which to construct the building. The old French market house long stood as a landmark of that locality.


Greeley was incorporated as a city of the third class, and the first election held July 5, 1881. The officers Councilmen, A. D. McFadden, was also a school teacher.

The United Presbyterian Church.--This church society was organized March 25, 1880, with twenty-one members, Trustee, G. G. McFadden.

United Order Ancient Templars, Greeley Temple, No. 2.--This temple was instituted in June, 1880, one of the officers was Jennie McFadden, Treas.; D. McFadden, Mar.; Ella McFadden.

Chase County, Kansas Probate, Guardianship Wills and Miscellaneous Index 1859 - 1939.

Surname-- Given Names-- Relationship--Description --Date Filed.

1. McFadden Frank T. nephew of John A. Adams deceased Mar 02 1903.
2. McFadden Elizabeth A. niece of John A Adams deceased Mar 02 1903.
3. McFadden Jane A. of John A Adams deceased Mar 02 1903.

Monticello Cemetery, Shawnee, Johnson Co, KS.

1. McFadden, Clara B; d. 29 Oct 1866, 13 y 5 m 24 d, Dau of J S and J A McFadden.
2. McFadden, Juliann; d. 16 Mar 1873, Wife of J S McFadden.
Index to 1910 Federal Census, Sedgwick County, Kansas.

These Links have a enlargeing box.

McFadden Albert P. age 02, 098-06a
McFadden Bank, age 19, 117-10a
McFadden Claude E., age 12, 084-07a
McFadden Craig, 50, 098-06a
McFadden Effie, age 34, 098-06a
McFadden Elsie I., age 10, 084-07a
McFadden Elsie, age 15, 092-05a
McFadden Elwood G., age 26, 126-14a
McFadden Estella G., age 15, 084-07a
McFadden Isabel, age 56, 092-05a
McFadden Jessie, age 38, 101-11a
McFadden Lea, age 05, 101-11a
McFadden Lenora, age 26, 113-12b
McFadden Margaritte, age 01, 101-11a
McFadden Mildred W., 05, 098-06a
McFadden Minnie F., age 19, 092-05a
McFadden Nellie B., age 33, 084-07a
McFadden Nettie F., age 23, 126-14b
McFadden Thomas, age 49, 101-11a
McFadden Wallace, age 47, 098-06a
McFadden Willard L., age 08, 098-06a
McFadden William, age 59, 092-05a
McFadden Winnie B., age 11, 098-06a
McFadden Wm E., age 40, 104-13b

Douglas County, Kansas Cemetery Inscriptions, Appanoose Cemetery.

McFADDEN, Henry, b. 1814, d. 1886.
McFADDEN, Lucy, b. 1838, d. 1912 His wife.

Medicine Lodge Cresset: July-Dec 1902.

Married: On July 3rd, 1902, Judge Collins performed the ceremony united Thomas McFadden and Jessie Prieze of Kiowa in marriage. The Cresset extends best wishes to both couples, they were married in the parlor of the City hotel.

Phillips County Kansas Marriage Record, Book A, Bride Index.

1. McFadden, Thos. P.-- David, Virginia A. 17, Apr 1879.
2. Brigham, S. F.-- McFadden, Alice 2, Jul 1876.
3. Chapman, Francis M.-- McFadden, Jane E. 1, Nov 1874.
4. Southard, Walter J.-- McFadden, Mary C. 27, Feb 1878.

Bourbon County’s Fulton Independent, weekly newspaper.

Dec 3, 1887.

Married: At the residence of W. W. McFadden, near Hammond, on Sunday morning, Nov. 27th, at 10 o’clock, by Rev. J. M. Iliff, of Fulton, Mr. W. G. Anderson, of Fort Scott, and Miss Lilian L. McFadden, of Hammond.

Rooks County, Kansas Marriage Records Book A, 1891-1903.

1. Lundy, Rawl W McFadden, Nora A. 12, Aug 1903.
2. McFadden, C. E.--Smith, Elsie E. 10, Sep 1902.
3. McFadden, Everett-- Hockett, Blanche 29 Oct 1902.

Osborne County
Osborne County Museum, Inc -- Osborne
Junction ...US-24 & US-281 -- 785-346-2881 or 785-346-2798
Open from Memorial Day to Labor Day

Museum Musings -- The Osborne County Museum Complex includes the museum building, which was the Santa Fe Railroad Depot, the one-room school building, District No. 1, and a collection of very old (very rusty) farm machinery.

The museum contains a large variety of items, including kitchen ware, china cabinet and dishes, the wooden telephone booth from the Sunflower Inn, clothing, doctor items, telephones, typewriters, Civil War rifles, tools, car tags, potholders, etc. Two of the most recent donations are a “kitchen” clock that was purchased by Charles E. McFadden in 1903 and a stockman’s pocket watch which belonged to Ray Towne. There are many old text books in the school house. Some of these were in use when I began my teaching career in this building in the fall of 1952.

Old Wyandotte, Kansas.

On this site in the old town of Wyandotte, James A. Cruise (1839-1873) and his wife, Margaret Kerstetter Cruise (1843-1915), built a small home about 10 years before Kansas became a state, in 1861. Mr. Cruise became the first Register of Deeds of Wyandotte County in 1863. Two years after her husband's death at 34, Mrs. Cruise married a prominent lawyer, John B. Scroggs (1838-1899). They replaced their earlier house with this Queen Anne-style mansion in 1887 and lived there until their deaths. It then passed to John E. McFadden, who had apprenticed in Mr. Scrogg's law firm and later married Miss Emma Cruise, one of the Cruise's five children. In 1919 the home was sold to St. John the Baptist Catholic Church next door. The church operated it as St. John's Orphanage for nearly 70 years in this Croatian district known as Strawberry Hill.

Douglas County, Kansas Marriages, 1888.

1 Burns, Joseph, Keokuk, IA Mary Leone McFadden 3 Oct 1888.

History of Reno County Kansas 1890.
Soldiers of the Civil War.

1. McFadden J. A., Private, company H., 14th regiment Ohio.

Wilson County Kansas Township Histories Colfax Township.

Colfax Township. - Colfax was carved out of the east half of Clifton tp., July 25th, 1870. The first election was held Sept. 5, 1870, at the residence of Chas. M. Shirley. The officers elected were Ira A. Cain, Trustee; Gustavus McFadden, Treasurer; Silas R. McFarland, Clerk; Jos. Blanchard and Samuel Martin, Justices; H. A. Gaskill and J. F. York, Constables. Several persons settled on territory that was included in Colfax tp. in 1868, Geo. Brown among the number - and in 1869 more settlers followed. In 1870 the township was taken by storm by seekers for homes. Thirty arrived in a single day, in the month of May. A large colony of Swedes settled in the north-east corner of the township that year. They are industrious and thrifty citizens and have made their neighborhood bloom and blossom as the rose.

This is not the end of the information on the McFadden families of Kansas, those who wish to continue the research can do so by going to the address be low by putting in the surname in the search box you will get about 300 hundreds hits.
Good luck and good hunting

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