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Abilene Kansas 1880.

I know there are a lot of people in Kansas and in other States looking for a ancestor that had lived in Kansas and are having a had time finding any information on them, that’s were I come in. As a surname research I always put up as many names as possible to give you a better chance to find something on your ancestor. This will be the case for this page on (Abilene).

The following names all lived in and around Abilene, but not all those living here are listed, I have excluded the following; Farmers, House wife’s in most cases, Students and the Servants. This was done to shorten the list, even so you will find over 650, names on this page. There will be some kind of information on all this names. If you find a name of interest drop me a line and I will be glad to help you all I can.

Important note. I have thousands of names at this site, when asking about a name from this page or any other pages at this site, please give the ( Title of the page ), for without it I may not be able to help you. My address can be found in my profile.

Abilene Kansas.

City Officials.

Alfred William Rice- Mayor.
John Curts-Police Judge.
Robert N. SMITH-Probate Judge.
Thomas L. Thornton-Registrar of Deeds.
Jacob Secrist-Town Constable.
Charles Aldrich-Town Constable.
George HAISINGTON-County Sheriff.
William Welch-Deputy Sheriff.
Benjamin F. Smeltz-City Marshall.
John Power-Deputy Marshall.

Note. Not all City Officials are listed here, others can be found in the following list.

The following men and women are the work force of Abilene, they are not in any alphabetical order so you may want to do a name search.

Page 1.

1. John M. HODGE, Receiver In Land Office
2. Herbert J. HODGE, Hardware Merchant.
3. Joseph R. BURTON, Attorney At Law.
4. Herbert E. PINKHAM, Grocer.
5. Eduard H. PINKHAM, Grocer.
6. Abraham LIVINGSTON, Clerk In Bank.
7. John BRENIZER, Millwright.
8. Milton BRENIZER, Clerk In Store.
9. John W. BIRIHMORE, Clergyman.
10. Edwin MEDLEY, Stone Cutter.
11. Charles NICOLS, Stone Cutter.
12. Frank NICOLS, Stone Cutter.
13. Joshua TURNER, Stone Mason
14. Theophelus LITTLE, Mail Carrier.
15. Edward S. LITTLE, School Teacher
16. William LITTLE, Clerk In Store.
17. George D. B. KIRK, Road Supervisor.
18. William UPSHAW, Dealer In Furniture
19. Norman SISCO, Tinner.
20. Jacob AUGUSTINE, Dealer In Real Estate.
21. Frank J. MONGER, Commercial Agent.
22. John H. WILLIAMS, Clerk In Boot & Shoe Store.
23. John P. WILLIAMS, Teaming.
24. Charles AUDRY, Works On R.R.
25. Ransom J. RINLEY, Grocer.
26. Elmer BRUNER, Clerk In Store.
27. Arthur GUTLER, Clerk In Store.
28. James CEIS, Carpenter.
29. Charles J. CEIS, Clerk In Store.
30. John T. WOODS, Hotel Keeper.
31. Daniel SPANGLER, Carpenter.
32. Thomas A. DEWY, Scribe In Law Office.
33. Jerney STALEY, Confectioner.
34. Frank MCGINNIS, Ice Cream Saloon.
35. Ezra BULLOCK, Stationer.
36. Clarance F. MEAD, Attorney At Law.
37. George EMERY, Clerk In Hardware Store.
38. Aaron COOK, Restaurant Keeper.
39. Belle FOSTER, Cook .
40. William ELLIOTT, Clerk In Store.
41. George PARENT, Grocer.
42. William STREAMS, Barber.
43. Theodore BURNETTE, Barber.
44. John SKEKLE, Boot Blacker.
45. Dana PIERSON, Editor.
46. Mary E. PIERSON, Milliner & Dressmaking.
47. Riley MARTIN, Saddle & Harness Maker
48. Jarad DAVIS, Clothes Merchant.
49. Henrietta BUCKINGHAM, Manufacturer Of Hair.
50. Mary F. GRISWOLD, Hair Jewelry Maker.
51. John DUNN, Barber.
52. Henry ELLIS, Barber.
53. Ira C. WOODARD, Barber.
54. John COMO, Blacksmith.
55. Lucy COMO, Millinery & Dressmaker.
56. Olive PALMER, Dressmaking.
57. Amelia HULDERSON, Dressmaking.
58. Katie CROFFT, Dressmaking.
59. William C. FLACK, Physician.
60. William THOMPSON, Carpenter.
61. Jacob GROVER, Carpenter.
62. Moses CRONESTER, Carpenter.
63. Wendal SCOTT, Carpenter.
64. William CHILDS, Carpenter.
65. John HILEMAN, Plasterer.
66. John MORRISON, Plasterer.
67. Robert WARNICK, Laborer
68. James J. WARNICK, Clerk In Hotel.
69. Joseph E. WARNICK, Clerk In Store.
70. Richard HUNT, Laborer
71. Jacob SLEMMER, Clerk In Grocery
72. William H. ROE, Painter.
73. John BARRY, Laborer.
74. Harry SHADDINGER, Paper Hanger & Painter.
75. Charles THORNTON, Clerk In Store.
76. David CROFT, Blacksmith.
77. Thomas G. CROFT, Printer.
78. David E. CROFT, Help In Shop.
79. Willie A. HANNAH, Clerk In Lumber Yd .
80. James BOLSTER, Carpenter.
81. Fred BOLSTER, Plasterer.
82. Frank WORLEY, Harness Maker.
83. Charles H. BAGLEY, Coal Hauler.
84. Ebinezer ROBINSON, Carpenter.
85. Daniel EMERY, Drayman.
86. George THOMPSON, Gardener.
87. Martin L. BARBER, Carpenter.
88. Henry HARNISH, Laborer.
89. Ralph MCCORMICK, Clerk In Bank.
90. Charles E. CRANE, Grain Dealer
91. Benjamine CRANE, Grain Dealer.
92. Morris P. JOLLEY, County Clerk.
93. Alonzo W. PHILLIPS, Miner .
94. William H. SNYDER, Clergyman.
95. Marshal WILEY, Lumberman.
96. Lewis FACE, Laborer.
97. John F. FREEMAN, Plasterer.
98. Harry DEVERIES, Laborer.
99. Jacob HENGEVELD, Laborer.
100. John HENGEVELD, Laborer.

Page 2.

101. Aaron THAYAR, Laborer.
102. Joseph BROWN, Brick Mason
103. George GEDDIS, Proprietor Of Soap Factory.
104. Shelton SHREVE, Laborer.
105. James W. KING, Carpenter.
106. Lovel P. KING, Appr. Carpenter.
107. George C. STERL, Foreman In Store.
108. Charles FRIEND, Carpenter.
109. Frank FOREAKER, Clerk In Bank.
110. Max GOLDSMITH, Cloths Merchant
111. Jarad SHEENY, Laborer.
112. John HARPER, Carpenter .
113. Christopher STANABACK, Engineer
114. Edward TANING, Wheelwright
115. Albert FACKEY, Watch Maker.
116. Daniel FUNK, Teaming.
117. William FUNK, Laborer.
118. John E. HERBST, Banker.
119. Edward A. HERBST, Cashier In Bank.
120. John SHANE, Clerk In Hardw. Store.
121, James BELL, Carpenter.
122. Lawrence MERCHANT, Carpenter.
123. Alonzo SHANK, Butcher.
124. John P. ROUSCH, Druggist.
125. Frank VAN DORN, Clerk In Store.
126. Daniel MEEKER, Work In Livery Stable.
127. Thomas RYONS, Work In Livery Stable.
128. Thomas CURRY, Clerk In Store.
129. Patrick CURRY, Clerk In Store.
130. Walker MARTIN, Laborer.
131. Daniel VANDERBILT, Stock Dealer
132. Eugene JOHNSON, , Laborer.
133. Thomas J. BANKS, Cook In Hotel.
134. Thomas J. KATING, Dealer In Stock.
135. Stricklana AUBRIGHT, Boot & Shoe Merchant.
136. Henry AUBRIGHT, Clerk In Store.
137. James M. SIMPSON, Laborer.
138. Ad. BIDWELL, Bookkeeper.
139. William M. HESS, Clerk In Land Office.
140. August BARNHART, Salesman.
141. John JOHNTZ, Merchant.
142. Alexander F. SOBBALD, Printer.
143. Adam RABY, Hotel Keeper.
144. Pete MAXWELL, Baker.
145. David E. BARTRUFFE, Carpenter.
146. Charles H. BOOK, Architect.
147. John R. CASSEL, Carpenter.
148. Samuel PALMER, Clergyman.
149. William W. BULLOCK, Carpenter.
150. Lewis E. KISSELL, Baker.
151. William J. SHRIEVER, Harness Maker.
152. Frank E. ETTER, Clerk In Hotel.
153. Valentine MYER, Hotel Keeper.
154. Patrick CREGGAN, Laborer
155. George A. REAL, Boot & Shoemaker.
156. William H. COX, Dentist.
157. Lee COX, Laborer.
158. Frank COX, Cashier In Store.
159. James W. MITCHEL, Laborer.
160. Nathan GROVE, Laborer.
161. George EVENS, Laborer.
162. Henry MILLER, Laborer.
163. James MARCUS, Laborer.
164. Albert A. GAMBLE, Painter.
165. Henry GAMBLE, Painter.
166. Thomas AYNE, Stable, Livery Hand.
167. William MULLEN, Laborer.
168. Merrick W. NEEDHAM, Broker.
169. William A. MORTON, Life & Fire Insurance Agt.
170. Edward WORTHINGTON, Bookkeeper.
171. Louis WORTHINGTON, Cashier In Store.
172. John DIELE, Carpenter Jower.
173. Celia DIELE, Clerk In Store.
174. George COTTRELL, Brick Mason.
175. Henry BOWERSOX, Tobacconist.
176. Phebe FENTON, Confectioner
177. James H. LOOKER, Blacksmith.
178. William D. PRICKET, Traveling Salesman.
179. David BLUEBAUGH, House Carpenter.
180. John W. GETZENDANNER, Practicing Physician.
181. William TOMS, Clerk In Drugstore.
182. Frank TOMS, Clerk In Bookstore.
183. Walter L. HOFFMAN, Editor Of "Democrat".
184. Maggie HOFFMAN, School Teacher.
185. Luther E. HOFFMAN, Printer
186. Thomas J. LANEY, Lumber Dealer.
187. Alva C. ROMIG, Drygoods Merchant.
188. William MATHEWS, Clerk In Store.
189. Tine GORDEN, Miner.
190. Lemmon S. ROYER, Merchant Tailor.
191. George L. KREIDER, Fruit Stand Keeper.
192. William SMITH, Clerk In Store.
193. Leighton SHERWOOD, Physician.
194. George B. COLBY, Harness Maker.
195. Charles T. COMOS, House Carpenter.
196. Simon P. STOKE, Painter House.
197. Henry STOKE House Carpenter.
198. Daniel R. HOFFMAN, Carpenter.
200. William A. HOYT, Clerk In Store.

Page 3.

201. Harry HOYT, Clerk In Hotel.
202. Annie ALLEN, Dressmaker.
203. Samuel M. WISE, Tailor.
204. George SHEARER, Clerk In Store.
205. Powly SHEARER, Clerk In Store.
206. James S. EASTON, Carpenter.
207. Jessie R. EASTON, Carriage Maker.
208. Frank SHEARER, Cabinet Maker.
209. James HUSTON, Stock Dealer.
210. Charles HUSTON, Assistant.
211. Edward CARRICK, Laborer.
212. James F. KEISER, Practicing Physician.
213. James T. KEISER, Printer.
214. Angus RANKINS, Carpenter.
215. Edward BONELL, Baker.
216. John GLISNER, Carriage Painter.
217. John GLISNER, Clerk In Drugstore.
218. George GLISNER, Clerk In Drygood Store.
219. William GLISNER, Painter In Carriage Shop.
220. Isiah SHANK, Laborer.
221. James KOOPMANER, Laborer.
222. Luke KOOPMANER, Laborer.
223. John SLIKEHAUSER, Laborer.
224. Nicholus VERSTEEG, Laborer.
225. Jacob VERSTEEG, Laborer.
226. John VERSTEEG, Laborer.
227. Neal VERSTEEG, Laborer.
228. Martin VERSTEEG, Laborer.
229. Amos C. SPARKS, Laborer.
230. Orvill SWAIN, Painter
231. Theodore MCBRIDE, Clerk In Hardware Store.
232. Peter HERR, Laborer.
233. William SPARKS, Laborer.
234. Oliver ROWLEY, Laborer.
235. Levi J. WALTON, Laborer.
236. Howard A. PAUL, Freight Agent.
237. Albert G. PAUL, Dray Agent.
238. Michael NICHOLY, Grain Dealer.
239. Jessee NICHOLY, Clerk In Drugstore.
240. Fernandus H. BURRIS, Drygoods Merchant.
241. Harry C. BURRIS, Clerk In Store,
242. Jeremiah BURRIS, Attorney At Law.
243. Patrick PIGGOT, Butcher.
244. Ebenezer GILLETT, Grocer & Confectioner.
245. Joseph GILLETT, Clerk In Store.
246. Edwin L. SIMPSON, Painter.
247. Marten L. JENNINGS, Wagon Maker.
248. Laban REAMS, Plasterer.
249. John D. EDWARDS, Grain Dealer.
250. James WILSON, Printer.
251. Frank PETERS, Shoemaker.
252. Theodore MILLS, Harness Maker.
253. Nathan COBB, Blacksmith.
254. James A. PATERSON, Carpenter.
255. William N. HENDRICKS, Supt At R.R. Depot.
256. Oliver BALL, Livery Stable Keeper.
257. Frank L. BALL, Livery Stable Keeper.
258. Philander SMITH, Lumber Dealer.
259. John C. BRILLHART, Clerk In Store.
260. James W. HART, Editor Of A Chronicle.
261. Henry HAYNE, Works In Silversmith.
262. Benjamine WADLY, Works In Printing Office.
263. Smith LADD, Banker.
264. Albert M. CRARY, Supt Of Public Instruction.
265. Albert B. COULSON, Bookkeeper.
266. Lewis REECE, Lumberman.
267. William H. BRADY, Traveling Salesman.
268. William HUFF, Drayman.
269. Sadie HUFF, Dressmaker.
270. Kate HUFF, Dressmaker.
271. John COOK, Clergyman.
272. Thomas J. CRASEER, County Clerk.
273. William M. CRASEER, Help Printer.
274. May CRASEER , Help Printer.
275. Charles MCCLAREN, Help Printer.
276. George BRILLHART, Stone Mason.
277. John FINK, Carpenter.
278. William SMITH, Tinsmith.
279. Jacob WAHL, Butcher.
280. Albert WAHL, Butcher.
281. William WAHL, Painter.
282. Frank UPSHAW, Dealer In Furniture.
283. James CULBERTSON, Attorney At Law.
284. George C. KENDALL, Practicing Physician.
285. George ZEIGLER, Carpenter.
286. Thomas C. BROWN, Carpenter.
287. Martin BRILLHART, School Teacher.
288. Edward WEGIARD, Tinsmith.
289. John BONEBRAKE, Hardware Merchant.
290. Richard W. EXLINE, Blacksmith.
291. Clinton CARROL, Drayman.
292. Orlander F. PAYNE, Well Borer.
293. Alfred PETERS, Tinsmith.
294. John PETERSON, Laborer.
295. Frederick BUTTLER, Miner.
296. Simon P. HARRINGTON, Clergyman.
297. Edgar B. HARRINGTON, Printer
298. Mattie INGRAM, School Teacher.
299. Albert H. VANZANT, Freighter.
300. James J. MILLER, Butcher.

Page 4.

301. Harrison BONEBRAKE, Hardware Dealer.
302. Charles K. ROBB, Painter.
303. George W. CARPENTER, Cashier In Bank.
304. Clinton D. HALLOCK, Carpenter.
305. Benjamin CRANSTON, Attorney At Law.
306. Charles GADDIS, Livery Keeper.
307. Thomas S. BARTON, Druggist.
308. Jacob EMIG, Laborer.
309. Jesse WILLIAMS, Barber.
310. William HUNSCUKER, Butcher.
311. William WRITTER, Free Agent.
312. Ephraim F. PARENT, Grocer.
313. Thomas E. SEWILL, Stationer.
314. Lewis GEAUQUE, Clerk In Hdw Store.
315. James G. NORTHCRAFT, Druggist.
316. Simon NEDROW, Teamster.
316. Edward PHILIPS, Laborer.
317. Betsey WOOD, Laundry.
318. Leonard FLAUGH, Livery Keeper.
319. John BETTIS, Barber.
320. Mary O'NEAL, , Laundry.
321. Edward HUGHS, Herder
322. John W. WILSON, Printer.
323. Robert RAINAGE, Shoemaker.
324. Ozell TRASK, Watch & Jewelry Dealer.
325. John HANSBRAUGH, Photo Artist.
326. Benjamine B. LOGAN, Laborer.
327. John DAVIS, Blacksmith.
328. Edward D. KLINE, Laborer.
329. Ellen BERRY, Keep Laundry.
330. B. BARNITT, Keep Laundry.
331. David BERRY, Plasterer.
332. Charles SHANE, Laborer.
333. John D. RODGERS, Carriage Maker.
334. Labra C. SPOOR, Tinsmith.
335. William C. MCCARTIN, Cabinet Maker.
336. C. ADAMS, Clerk In Store.
337. Joseph A. WHEELER, Boot & Shoemaker.
338. Albert A. WHEELER, Help In 10 Pin Alley.
339. Clara M. WHEELER, Dressmaking.
340. George C. KENYON, Merchant.
341. Charles SHANK, Grocer.
342. Calvin BALDWIN, Teamster.
343. Edward WILLHIDE, Carpenter.
344. William WILLHIDE, Laborer.
345. Israel BALWIN, Laborer.
346. George MURPHY, Machinist.
347. George MURPHY, Engineer.
348. David MURPHY, Clerk In Grocery.
349. John H. DICKSON, Bookkeeper.
350. James ADAMS, Carpenter.
351. John COOPER, Butcher.
352. John G. HAMAKER, Merchant.
353. Edward HAMAKER, Clerk In Store.
352. Ella HAMAKER, Clerk In Store.
353. Gideon FOLK, Millwright.
354. William W. HERR, Carpenter.
355. Bender JACOBZ, Carpenter.
356. William D. VOLK, Blacksmith.
357. Simon ROTHSCHILD, Clothes Merchant.
358. Marcus LASSAR, Clerk In Store.
359. Albert J. KISSELL, Clergyman.
360. William D. GILES, Grain Dealer.
361. David R. GORDON, Grain Dealer.
362. W. N. KING, Practical Physician.
363. Nelson B. LAWSON, Laborer.
364. Charles MILLER, Mail Carrier.
365. Olevia STEVENSON, Laundry.
366. Jeremiah MCDONOLD, Miller.
367. Rollin GUFFIN, Clerk In Store.
368. Eva HAND, Music Teacher.
369. James SPEARS, Carpenter.
370. John HOPKINS, Clerk In Store.
371. Joseph MESER, Clerk In Store.
372. Jesse ECLES, Clerk In Store.
373. Ida HOGAN, Clerk In Store.
374. Mary HOGAN, Clerk In Store.
375. Wendle MAX, Miller.
376. Jordon MONROE, Mill Hand.
377. Lew BALDWIN, Mill Hand.
378. Peter MAX, Miller.
379. Phillip P. BAKER, Blacksmith
380. Anna LENHART, Laundry.
381. Hector MYERS, Carpenter.
382. James C. POWERS, Plasterer.
383. Hiram MCCURDY, Carpenter.
384. Johnathan LIGHTNER, Carpenter,
385. Lizzie FINK, Dressmaker.
386. John HARRIGAN, Pho. Artist.
387. William MESSENGER, Stone Mason.
388. John DEHAVEN, Laborer.
389. Rogers HART, Drayman.
390. Michael FORNCY, Stone Mason.
391. Andrew J. COX, Artificial Stone Maker.
392. Levi WAIKLE, Carpenter.
393. David LOWN, Blacksmith.
394. William BOUDINOT, Laborer.
395. James PALMER, Laborer.
396. Nancy MCCLINCHIE, Laundry.
397. Fredricke GOLDHORN, Laundry.
398. Charles WIDT, Laborer.
399. William L. ALLISON , House Painter.
400. Elijah CLARK, Clergyman.

Page 5.

401. Kingman H. CLARK, Laborer.
402. Wayland H. CLARK, Painter.
403. Joseph B. BABBITT, Pho. Artist.
404. John A. NICOLAI, Clergyman.
405. Charles GLENDENNING, Clerk In R.R. Dept.
406. Oscar HALL, Butcher.
407. Andrew S. DAVIDSON, District Clerk.
408. Sherwood J. DAVIDSON, Watchmaker.
409. Stuart O. HENRY, Clerk In Land Office.
410. Charles S. BELKNAP, Clerk In Store.
411. Fredrick PIERCE, Clerk In Store.
412. John WARNER, Cigar Maker.
413. George W. BERRY, House Plasterer.
414. Richmond ROBERTS , Blacksmith.
415. Lorenzo SHERMAN, Carpenter.
416. Patrick RILEY, Labore.
417. William A. HANSBOUGH, Saloon Keeper.
418. Lewis LIPS, Carpenter.
419. Daniel PATE , Laborer.
420. Leonarde PARRY, Marble Cutter.
421.Patrick BYRNE, Clerk In Store.
422. Nathan B. TOLES, Laborer.
423. Benjamine F. FRANCES, Laborer.
424. William PERKINS, Laborer.
425. Mary M. PERKINS, Dressmaker.
426. John A. PATERSON, Traveling Salesman.
427. Hattie HALE, Dressmaker.
428. Alexander LEWIS, Practical Physician.
429. Elmer E. LEWIS, Student Druggist.
430. Ephraim B. NULL, Carpenter.
431. Alexander H. MARTIN, Carpenter.
432. Patrick BERRY, Merchant.
433. Herman STERL, Clerk In Store.
434. Joel REDDICK, Clergyman.
435. John BERRY, Merchant.
436. Cyrus W. LEGGETT, Laborer.
437. Lewis CONVERSE, Stable Hand.
438. Isaac SPANGLER , Carpenter.
439. Nelson MILLER, Laborer.
440. David METZGER, Livery & Hall Keeper.
441. George W. MILHOLAND, Livery Keeper.
442. William CARPENTER, Livery & Sales Stable.
443. William DAWSON, Plasterer.
444, George WEEKS, Clerk In Store.
445. Crest. F. CRUSIE, Weaves Carpets.
446. August BARNHARDT, Laborer.
447. Mark BALWIN, Clerk In Store.
448. Samuel L. CARPENTER, Hotel Keeper.
449. John YATES, Carpenter.
450. Johnathan S. DURKEE, Drygood Merchant.
451. Ruth DURKEE, Bookkeeper.
452. Robt. GRIER, Carpenter.
453. John MCKIMM, Harness Maker
454. William T. DAVIDSON, Life & Fire Insurance Agt, Township Trustee .
455. Jay L. SHERA , Clerk Lumberyard.
456. John MCMASTER, Real Estate & Loan Agt.
457. Edward BLACHTILL, Butcher.
458. William BURCH, Butcher.
459. Augustas ZAHNER, Clerk In Store.
460. Arndt VANDERBILT, Keeper Of Temperance Hall.
461. Casper SIGHTS, R.R. Hand.
461. John URBON, , R.R. Hand.
462. Adam STATEMAN, R.R. Hand.
463. Joseph WROORA, R.R. Hand.
464. Joseph PASCHAL R.R. Hand.
465. Joseph STRAMER, R.R. Hand.
466. George SCHAFFER, R.R. Hand.
467. John STRAMER, R.R. Hand.
468. Michael MATER , R.R. Hand.
469. George URBEN, R.R. Hand.
470. John STRAMON, R.R. Hand.
471. Charles SPRINGER, Butcher.
472. Charles HARDY, Printer.
473. Alexander RICE, Drayman.
474. James ROIS, Brick Mason.
475. Henry H. FOX, Laborer.
476. Sarah WELCH, Laundry Keep.
477. August LANGELLIER, Clerk In Lumber Yd.
478. Lloyd LOOKER, Blacksmith.
479. John LOOKER, Blacksmith.
480. Walter LOOKER, Help In Shop.
481. Allie LOOKER Help In Shop.
481. Oliver P. LAMBORN, Artificial Stone.
482. Herman A. WOOD, Clerk In Store.
483. Elizabeth HOWE, Clerk In Store.
484. Mary CALLAHAN, Laundry.
485. John QUINN, Saddle & Harness Maker.
485. George CRASSAN, Teamster.
486. Alphonso CRONK, Confection Dealer.
487. William ANDERSON, Dealer In Grain.
488. John L. MORTON, Carpenter.
489. William SHOOK, Laborer.
490. Allen REES, Laborer.
491. Owen HOGAN , R.Roading .
492. Martin KIRSCH, Physician.
493. Jacob SCHOLL, House Plasterer.
494. Michael HOFFMAN, House Builder.
495. William G. WALTERS, Stone Mason.
496. Howard TONGAN, Laborer.
497. Michael ROBENOLD, R.R. Hand.
498. John MORRISON, Painter.
499. Joseph MYERS, Laborer.
500. Andrew LEASURE, Blacksmith.

Page 6.

501. John DENNIS, Laborer.
502. Perry C. SHELTON, Laborer.
503. William CRUMB, Engineer.
504. Henry SPRUNG Tailor.
505. John CARMODY, Carpenter.
506. David Z. SMITH, Druggist.
507. William GETHIN Harness Maker.
508. Philip HIGLE, Harness Maker.
509. Highland SOUTHWORTH, Attorney At Law.
510. Stephen A. BURROUGHS, Attorney At Law.
511. John MCNAY, Laborer.
512. Luceis MARTIN, Laborer.
513. Benjamine MARTIN Stable Boy.
514. Benjamine F. NILESON, Grocer.
515. William BRADY, Tinsmith.
516. Oscar D. MERRILL, Saloon Keeper.
517. Henry BASWORTH, Bartender.
518. Thomas COLLINS Laborer.
519. Patience THATCHER, Laundry.
520. Carrie SMITH, Laundry.
521. Benjamine KNAUSS, Barber.
522. Henry BRUCKE, Liquor Dealer.
523. William HICKMAN, Boarding House.
524. Michael HANNON , Laborer.
525. John WRILEY, Laborer.
526. Richard REED, Livery Keeper.
527. George STEVENS, Livery Hand.
528. Enoch F. VANDENBURG , Keep Boarding House.
529. Henry C. WARM, Druggist.
530. Hattie MCCULLUM, Keep Boarding House.
531. Winfield STAMBAUGH, Attorney At Law.
532. George W. C. RHORER, Saloon Keeper.
533. William R. DRYER, Nation Bank 1st.
534. Elias CURTIS, Keeper Of Henry House,
535. Harry E. DOWNER, Clerk In Hotel
536. Milton STALEY, Help In Hotel.
537. Herman JAMES, , Help In Hotel.
538. John REARDON, Help In Hotel.
539. Mary WINIENSKY Help In Hotel.
539. William KEATH, Partner In House.
540. William MCBRIDE, Help In Hotel.
541. Sadie PETERSON , Help In Hotel.
542. Irena A. WALLACE, Help In Hotel.
543. Flora FOX, Help In Hotel.
544. Charles MILLER, Help In Hotel.
545. Eliza SCHROUDT, Help In Hotel.
546. Kertis FRANCIS, Help In Hotel.
547. Roland J. WEMYSS, Sec. Treas. Va Land Co.
548. James HOFFMIRE, County Attorney.
549. Louis N. B. HOFFMIRE, Fruit Grower.
550. William H. WHILEHURST, Blacksmith.
551. Harry H. HAZELETT, Merchant.
552. Guss GOLDSMITH, Cloths Merchant
553. Henry C. JUNKIN, Soap Manufacturer.
554. Alace M. JUNKIN, Scribe In Register Office.
555. Elmer E. JUNKIN, Clerk In Store.
556. Frank M. JUNKIN, Ap. Tinsmith
557. James L. VEGIARD, Tinsmith.
558. Lou BLANCHARD, Dressmaker.
559. George A. CRISE, Practical Dentist.
560. Zachariah L. BUSH, Barber
561. James WHINCY, Help In Barber Shop
562. Aaron W. GORDON, Watch Maker.
563. Monroe SHIPE, Painter.
564. Alexander HAMLIN, Carpenter.
565. George A. ROCKWELL, Drygoods Merchant.
567. Sarah TROTT, Seamstress.
568. Christian JOHNTZ, Merchant.
569. Conrad H. LEBOLD, Banker.
570. Charles MAPLE, Brick Mason.
571. Henry H. FLOYD, Lumber Dealer.
572. Robert KNOX , Coal Dealer.
573. Naomia A. WILLS, Dressmaker.
574. George H. FREEMAN, Clerk In Land Office.
575. William H. AUSTIN, Practicing Physician.
576. Calvin G. HAWK, County Treasurer.
577. Samuel HAMMOND , Salesman In Store.
578. John B. CASE, Merchant.
579. Emma J. ROGERS, Keep Boarding House.
580. Frank ROGERS, Clerk In Drugstore.
581. Willie ROGERS, Clerk In Drugstore.
582. J. P. CAMPBELL , Attorney At Law.
583. George W. BRYANT, Vinegar Maker.
584. Clark AINSWORTH, Machine Agent
585. George SANDERS, Laborer.
586. Levi SIMMERS, Blacksmith.
587. Charles SIMMERS, Clerk In Store.
588. Jacob C. SIMMERS , Help In Shop.
589. William SCHOLTZ, Undertaker.
590. Sue BARTER , Milliner & Dressmaker.
591. Lilly WHEELER, Apprentice
592. Clara LIGHTNER, Apprentice
593. Joseph SPANGLER, Saddle & Harness Maker.
594. Lemuel D. MISNER, R.R. Engineer.
595. William LEVI, Baker.
596. Mary L. LEVI, Photo Artist.
597. Emma LEVI, Help.
598. Mary BAILEY, Help.
599. Henry LEVI, Meat Dealer.
600. Clara LEVI, Photo Artist.

Page 7.

601. William H. HOWARD, Bootmaker
602. Thomas C. MCINERY, Boot & Shoe Dealer
603. George BUCEKING, Traveling Salesman.
604. David STOKE , Grocer.
605. Samuel S. KEHR, Practicing Physician.
606. Elias G. PUTMAN, Hardware Merchant .
607. Margarett NICHOLS, Help.
608. Harris NELSON, Clerk In Store.
609. Edgar J. WARNER, Lumber Dealer.
610. Bailey B. BROWNSON, Carpenter.
611. Thomas KIRBY, Banker.
612. Cyrus W. BALL, Livery Keeper.
613. Willis WILLIAMS , Well Driller.
614. Samuel THOMPSON, Merchant.
615. Silas BARNES, Drygoods Merchant.
616. James MOTT, Cook In Hotel.
617. George W. MOTT, Cook.
618. Michael HINES, Laborer.
619. Gus E. SWANN, Cook In Hotel.
620. Lewis HIZER, Laborer.
621. David L. PISLER, Harness Maker.
622. William S. HODGE, Grain Dealer.
623. V. P. WILSON, Editor A./Gazette.
624. Ida R. WILSON, Teacher.
625. Rosella SENFT, School Teacher.
626. Homer W. WILSON, Printer.
627. John CULLINS, Carpenter.
628. William VAN DAMARK, Carpenter.
629. Ephraim KISER, Millwright.
630. Clara N. KISER, Help In Millinery Shop.
631. William KISER , Harvesting
632. Franklin MICHAEL , House Carpenter.
633. John C. MICHAEL, House Carpenter.
634. John W. PIERCE, Attorney At Law.
635. Sarah J. LEWIS, Laundry.
636. Lewis MOLANDER, Stone Mason.
637. Charles D. BARNES, Clerk In Drugstore.
638. George M. DAVIDSON, House Carpenter.
639. Wesley BECK, Carpenter.
640. Frank B. WILSON, Real Estate & Loan Agt.
641. Martin O'DONOLD, Teamster.
642. Leander H. PRATHER, Attorney At Law.
643. Catharine COURTNEY, Laundry.
644. William D. ROBB, House Painter.
645. Florance A. ROBB, Teacher School.
646. Edson L. ROBB, Help.
647. William SWAYZE, Cattle Dealer.
648. Alfred R. MARTIN, House Plasterer.
649. Barthy SIMPSON, House Carpenter .
650. George NOFFTSKER, House Plasterer.
651. Myron EMERY, Baggage Man R.R.
652. Henry P. BILLMAN, House Carpenter.
653. Pemberton DUNHAM, Stone Mason.
654. William HANEY, Huckster.
655. John GARTNER , Tailor.
656. George COPPERTHWART, Brick Mason.
657. William NISWANGER, House Painter.
658. Marcellus S. HEARNE, Upholsterer.
659. Ransellor C. RAYMOND, Physician.


anni said...

Hi! This is a great site, and a massive undertaking. My grgrgrandfather is on page 1-Morris P. Jolley. He's listed as 'Clerk', which is what he did when his farms failed, I think.He was a Civil War vet, the 126th Ohio, and most of the children stayed in Kansas. If you are collecting information on anyone in your site, I'd be happy to send what is needed. . If you're keeping track, Morris's grandfather quit the Quakers to go fight in the Revolution, and his son was a surgeon in the medical corps in Tunisia in WW1.
Thanks for the site!

anni said...

Hi! Wonderful site and huge undertaking. If you're collecting information on people in your site, I have a great deal on Morris P Jolley, page one. My grgrgrandfather was a Civil War vet, from Quaker stock. his grfather quit the Quakers to go fight in the Revolution, and his son was a surgeon in the medical corps in Tunisia during WW1.Interesting family, and since some of the children stayed in Kansas perhaps others are looking for information. My Google email account hopefully may be replied to.
Thanks for the site!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this site. I found my gr gr gr grandmother listed here #320 Laundry - Mary O'Neal. Census says she was about 23 with 5 children. I am unable to find her husband's name, nor is another O'Neal listed here. Any help with this would be appreciated. Again thank you. Susan from Tucson

Dennis Segelquist said...

I tried to find her husband but was unable to find any thing.