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MIchigan Soldiers Who Lived In Kansas.

Some of these men would live the rest of their lives in Kansas, while others would be here a couple years.  Some stop only a short time as they passed through Kansas.  No matter what the reason it's important for the researcher to know where that person of interest was at a point in time of history.

Georgia, Washington G. (Veteran), St. Joseph County. Enlisted in company G, Second Infantry, May 1o, 1861, at Constantine, for 3 years, age 21. Mustered 25, 1861.. Re-enlisted Dec. 31, 1863, at Blain's Cross Roads, Tenn. Mustered Jan. 1, 1864. Mustered out at  DeLaney House, D. C. July 28, 1865. Present residence, Mankato,Kansas.

Thompson, Franklin, or Seelye, Sarah E. E., Genesee County. Enlisted in company F, Second Infantry, May 17, 1861, at Flint, for 3 years, age 20. Mustered May 25, 1861. Sarah E. E. Seelye of Fort Scott, Bourbon County, Kansas, makes affidavit that she and Franklin Thompson were and are one and the same person. Franklin Thompson was granted an honorable discharge by the Secretary of War to date April 19, 1863.

For nearly two years Thompson* remained with his regiment, sharing all its toils, privations and marches, and the various engagements in which the regiment participated, at Bull Run and the seven days' fighting of McClellan's Peninsular Campaign. During this time he was never absent from duty and was zealous and efficient in the Union cause. In the spring of 1863 the Second Infantry was in Kentucky, where Thompson was taken ill with malarial fever and applied for a furlough. His application was denied. Being unfit for duty and unwilling to go to a hospital. Thompson went to Oberlin, Ohio, but the disease contracted by the hardships of the Peninsular Campaign not yielding to treatment, she. as Sarah E. E. Seeley, assumed her proper dress and while convalescing wrote her book, entitled "Nurse and Spy," which had a large sale, the profits of which she contributed to the Christian Sanitary Commission.  Afterwards she became a nurse and did efficient work in the hospitals until the close of the war.

For her sacrifices in the line of duty, her splendid record as a soldier, her unblemished character and disabilities incurred in the service, an act was passed by Congress granting her a pension of $12 per month. Died at Laporte, Texas, Sept. 5, 1898.

Van Sandt, Samuel L. Enlisted in company D, Second Infantry, April 20,1861, at Adrian, for 3 years, age 2o. Mustered May 25, 1861. Corporal March 11, 1862. Wounded in action at Knoxville, Tenn. On duty with company K, Seventeenth Infantry, from Jan. 3o, 1864, to April 9, 1864. Discharged at expiration of term of service at Detroit, Mich., July 31, 1864. Present residence, Chanute, Kansas.

Tarsney, John, Ransom. Enlisted in company E, Fourth Infantry, Aug. 26, 1862, at Hillsdale, age 18. Taken prisoner at battle of Gettysburg, Pa., July 2, 1863. On detached service with company K, First Infantry, by order, July 2, 1864, Petersburg, Va. Taken prisoner at Wilderness, Va., May 5, 1864. Returned to regiment at Petersburg, Va., Jan. 10, 1865. Discharged at Washington, D. C, June 5, 1865. Present residence, Kansas City, Mo.

Hall, George M., White County, Ind. Enlisted in company D, Sixth Infantry, Aug. 9, 1861, at Dowagiac, for 3 years, age 22. Mustered Aug. 20, 1861. Discharged for disability at Detroit, Mich , Oct. 16, 1863, on account of wounds received in action. Present residence, Topeka, Kansas.

Sutton, Joshua P., Oakland County. Entered service in company H, Seventh Infantry, at organization, as Captain, June 24, 1861, at Fort Wayne, for 3 years, age 25. Commissioned to date June 19, 1861. Mustered Aug. 22, 1861. Was in battle of Ball's Bluff, Oct. 21, 1861. Resigned Jan. 17, 1862. Died at Kansas City, Mo., Aug. 20, 1903. Buried at Cheboygan, Mich.

Haskins, Francis, Odessa. Enlisted in company H, Ninth Infantry, Aug.16, 1861, at Odessa, for 3 years, age 18. Mustered Oct. 15, 1861. Wounded July 13, 1862. Discharged for disability at Detroit, Mich., Sept. 18, 1862. Died in Mt. Hope, Kansas, July 6, 1903.

Wait, Norman. Drafted for 1 year, from Meridian, Ingham County, age 42. Mustered Oct. 11, 1864. Assigned to company K, Twelfth Infantry. Discharged at expiration of term of service at Little Rock,Ark., Oct. 12, 1865. Died July 3, 1900. Buried at Alden, Kansas.

Brotherton, David, Johnstown. Enlisted in company B, Seventeenth Infantry, Aug. 16, 1862, at Battle Creek, for 3 years, age 26. Mustered  Aug. 26, 1862. Transferred to company D, Sept. 2, 1862. Mustered out at Delaney House, D. C, June 3. 1865. Died Jan. 2, 1897, at Washington. Kansas.

Murphy, Peter J., Wayland. Enlisted in company D. Seventeenth Infantry, as Corporal. July 21, 1862, at Kalamazoo, for 3 years, age 35. Mustered Aug. 12. 1862. Wounded in action at Antietam, Md., Sept. 17, 1862. Mustered out at Delaney House, D. C, June 3, 1865. Present residence. Ottawa, Kansas.

Pryor, Isaac R., Adrian. Enlisted in company A, Seventeenth Infantry, Aug. 6, 1862, at Adrian, for 3 years, age 22. Mustered Aug. 19, 1862. Discharged for disability at Washington, D. C, April, 1863. Present residence, Great Bend, Kansas.

Whitesides, Garrett C, Bronson. Enlisted in company H, Seventeenth Infantry, June 1, 1862, at Bronson, for 3 years, age 29, Mustered Aug.19, 1862. Transferred to Veteran Reserve Corps at Washington, D. C, Jan. 15, 1864. Present residence, Ft. Scott. Kansas.

Wright, Francis W., Blackman. Enlisted in company K. Seventeenth Infantry, Aug. 12, 1862, at Jackson, for 3 years, age 21. Mustered Aug.16, 1862. Corporal. Sergeant. Mustered out at Delaney House.D. C, June 3, 1865. Present residence, Hope, Kansas.

Tiffany, John, Port Huron. Enlisted in company F, Twenty-seventh Infantry as Sergeant, Sept. 30, 1862, at Port Huron, for 3 years age 21. Mustered Nov. 11, 1862. First Sergeant Aug. 31, 1864. Commissioned Second Lieutenant, company H, Dec. 1o. 1864. Mustered Feb. 15. 1865. Dismissed July 13, 1865. Later evidence showed that charges upon which he was dismissed were preferred through pique and should not have been considered. By Act of Congress he was restored to all rights curtailed by dismissal. Present residence, Hiawatha, Kansas.

De Clute, Chauncey H., Coldwater. Enlisted in company C, Twenty-eighth Infantry, Aug. 4, 1864, at Coldwater, for 3 years, age 25. Mustered Aug. 26, 1864. Commissioned Second Lieutenant Aug. 15, 1864. Discharged to accept promotion May 10, 1865. Commissioned First Lieutenant, company F, March 28, 1865. Mustered May 9, 1865. Commanding company, Feb. 28, 1866. Mustered out at Raleigh, N. C, June 5, 1866. Present residence, Iola. Kansas.

Boody, Benjamin J. (Veteran), Albion. Enlisted in company D, Third Cavalry, Oct. 14, 1862, at Albion, for 3 years, age 19. Mustered Oct.14, 1862, at Detroit. Re-enlisted Jan. 19, 1864, at La Grange, Tenn. Mustered Jan. 27, 1864. Discharged at New Orleans, La., Oct. 13, 1865. Present residence, Kansas City, Mo.

Dawson, Mark H. (Veteran), Lenawee County. Enlisted in company E, Third Cavalry, Dec. 9, 1861, at Adrian, for 3 years, age 19. Mustered Dec. 16, 1861. Re-enlisted Jan. 19, 1864, at La Grange, Tenn.Mustered Jan. 27, 1864. Mustered out at San Antonio, Texas, Feb. 12, 1866. Present residence, Peabody, Kansas.

Salmon, Isaiah (Veteran), Tompkins. Enlisted in company K, Third Cavalry, as Corporal, Aug. 14, 1862, at Jackson, for 3 years, age 22. Mustered Aug. 14, 1862. Joined regiment at Corinth, Miss., Oct. 12, 1862. Re-enlisted Jan. 2o, 1864, at La Grange, Tenn. Mustered Jan. 27. 1864. Discharged at Baton Rouge, La., June 2, 1865. Present residence, Hutehinson, Kansas.

Chapman, Stephen W. Enlisted in Battery D, Dec. 3o, 1863. at Sherwood, for 3 years, age 21. Mustered Jan. 1t, 1864. Corporal Sept. 19, 1864. Mustered out at Jackson, Mich., Aug. 3, 1865. Present residence, Kansas.

Holliday, James M., Branch County. Enlisted in Battery D, Oct. 1, 1861, at White Pigeon, for 3 years, age 18. Mustered Nov. 2, 1861. Corporal Sept. 19, 1864. Discharged at expiration of term of service at Nashville, Tenn., Oct. 31, 1864. Present residence, Rolling Green, Kansas.

Robertson, Melvin A. Enlisted in Thirteenth Battery, Oct. 21, 1863, at Plymouth, for 3 years, age 16. Mustered Oct. 23, 1863. Discharged at Washington, D. C, July 6, 1865. Present residence, Kansas City,

Monroe Adelbert D., Calhoun County. Enlisted in company H, Merrill Horse, Sept. 1, 1861, at Battle Creek, for 3 years, age 18. Mustered Sept. 9, 1861. Wounded in action July 18, 1862. Discharged Nov. 11, 1862. Died at Topeka, Kansas, Feb. 18, 1904.

Delong, Charles W., Adrian. Enlisted in company D, Second Kansas Cavalry, Oct. 1, 1863, for 3 years. Mustered Oct. 1, 1863. Mustered out at Fort Gibson, C T., June 22, 1865.

Marshall, Nathan W., Troy. Enlisted in Eighth Kansas Cavalry, Sept. 28, 861. Mustered Sept. 28, 1861. Deserted at Fort Leavenworth, KanNov. 9, 1862.

Shafer, John N., Lapeer. Enlisted in company M, Sixth Kansas Cavalry, July 1o, 1863, for 3 years. Mustered July 23, 1863. Promoted Corporal Feb. 28, 1865. Mustered out at Devall's Bluff, Ark., July 18,1865.

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