Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Captain Henry A. Oakes.

Publish date 1902.
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Captain Henry A. Oakes.

Birth: March 18, 1837.
Death:March 14, 1903.

Wife: Eleanor A. Oakes, ( 1829-1911 ).

Children:  Charles S. Oakes, ( 1870-1955 ), Harry,Ellen Oakes.

Burial: Oak Hill Cemetery, Lawrence, Douglas County, Kansas.

Mr. Oakes came to Douglas county,Kansas in 1879, and settled in section 6,of Palmyra township. He was the Prop. of the Oakes Stock Farm,he owned 146.56 acres of land.  His post office address was Lawrence, Kansas, which is 8 to 10 miles north from the farm.

Author.  He was called Captain, I don't know if this was just a title or not as I was unable to find any military service records.

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