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Law Men Of Different Kansas Counties.

This page will be of Marshals and Sheriffs of the different counties of Kansas, you will find these page interesting and you may learn something you never knew about you ancestor or the name of interest.

Bourbon County.

John G. Harris,Second Lieutenant Sixth Kansas Cavalry, Company K., Mustered in April 1, 1862,  Residence Neutral Lands, promoted First Lieutenant July 16, 1863; severly wounded in the neck in action, November 28, 1862, at Cane Hill Arkansas.

John G. Harris, First Lieutenant Sixth, Kansas Cavalry, Company K., Mustered in July 16, 1863; Residence Fort Scott, resigned for disability, Febuary 11, 1864.

John G. Harris, First Lieutenant Sixth, Kansas Cavalry, Company K., was badly wounded at Cane Hill, Arkansas, by a ball passing clear throught his neck.  He recovered and after the war became Sheriff on Bourbon county Kansas.

Brown County Kansas.

Chester G. Jones, the oldest son of Mr. amd Mrs. W. H. Jones, is the superintendent of Brown county poor farm.  He was a small boy when the journey was made from Michigan to Kansas, aand walked the whole distance driving cow behind the wagon.  He enlisted in company A., ninth Kansas Cavalry and was appointed a corporal.  He served four years and then re-enlisted .  After the war he returned to Brown County, where he has since resided.  He is a member of Hiawatha Post 130, G. A. R.  He has served as city marshal of Hiawatha and as superintendent of the poor farm since 1902.  He was married December 12, 1867, to Mary A. Carey, a daughter of Mr. R. B. Carey.  They have two sons, Charles C. Jones of Hamlin and Ben F. Jones.

Labette County Kansas.

When S. B. Abbott, the sheriff, completed the tax sale under peoceedings of 1877, he reported that he received $1,698.02, and his charges for fees and services were $2,008.48.  These charges were largly in excess of what the law autherized.  Suit was brought by the commissioners to recover from him fees which he illegally held.  The matter was finally settled by his paytng $802.62.

Leavenworth County Kansas.

On April 30, 1855, McCrea and Malcolm Clark, then marshal of the county, engaged in an altercation at a squatter's metting which resulted in the killing of Clark at the hands of McCrea.

Meade County Kansas.
Mr. & Mrs. J. S. Price.
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Reno County Kansas.

The first military company of Reno was organized on August 12, 1873.  The reason was reports of Indian raids and the killing of some hunters near Medicine Lodge.  Charles Collins was at the time the first sheriff of the county, and was placed in command.

Marshall County Kansas.

In 1855, Alexander Clarke, the first sheriff had his official career ended very suddenly by being shot by a desperado, whom he was attempting to arrest.

Sedgwick County Kansas.

Richard L. Walker, who suceeded H. L. Taylor as registear, was prior to that time sheriff of Cowly County Kansas and held the office of registrar one full term, and was reappointed for a second term.  Then he had to fall by the wayside on account of Cleveland's election.  He was Captain of Company A., Nineteenth Ohio Infantry, and had a splended record as a soldier.  He removed from here and afterwards was United States Marshal, for the district of Kansas.  He was a jolly good fellow and counted a great politician, but has been gathered to his fathers many years ago in the prime of his vigorous life and manhood.

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