Wednesday, August 20, 2014

William Kiff.

William Kiff.

Birth: 1862.
Death: 1926.

Wife: Margaret "Maggie" Kiff ( 1866 - 1956 ).

Children: Non recorded.

Burial: Mount Vernon Cemetery, Atchison, Atchison County, Kansas.

Mr. Kiff was Sheriff of Atchison, he lived in the jail House.  He was sheriff in 1900-1903, when he was elected is not known to this author..

Atchison Jail House Prisoners of 1900.

Fred D. Carpenter, Under Sheriff.

Their crime is unknown.
John Price, age 30, Kentucky, Day Laborer.
Wille Johnson, 37, Missouri, Day Laborer.
Joe Patterson, age 25, Missouri, Teamster.
Lewis Murphy, age 19, Ireland, Stone Cutter.
John Bohanan, age 40, Arkansas, Day Laborer.
Andrew J. Lewis, age 48, Iowa, Farmer.
Robert M. Quigley, age 30, Illinois, Couldn't read.
Lewis Moore, age 26, Mississippi, Waiter ( Hotel ).
John Schwien, age 50, Germany, Harness Maker.
John Blue, age 25, Kentucky, Porter ( Hotel ).
George W. Balsing, age 63, Pennsylvania, Stone Mason.

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