Thursday, June 5, 2014

Clark Johnson Hose

Picture publish date 1917.
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Clark Johnson Hose

Birth: Mar. 22, 1848, Ohio.
Death: 1930.

Father: John Hose.
Mother: Annie Johnston Hose.

Sisters: Sarah I., Nancy F., and Tabitha A. Hose.

Wife: Katie Adell Haling Hose (1856 - 1930).
Married March 27, 1879, Lyman, Ford County, Illinois.

Children: Non recorded.

Burial: Osborne Cemetery, Osborne, Osborne County, Kansas.

Mr.  Hose came to Osborne County, Kansas, and settled in section 31 of Bethany township.  He was a Farmer and Breeder of White Holland Turkey's and White Plymouth Rock Chickens.  The farm was called Hill View Poultry Farm.  He owned 118.60 acres.  His wife Katie owned 79.10 acres, in the same section. Their post office address was Osborne, Kansas, which is three miles south from the farm.

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