Saturday, May 18, 2013

George H. Nicolay.

Plub. Date 1918.

George H. Nicolay.

Birth: May 25, 1850.
Death: May 7, 1926.

Parents: John Jacob Nicolay (1818 - 1889). Phebe McPherson Nicolay (1822 - 1886).

Wife: Belle Virginia Linville Nicolay (1860 - 1955).

Children: Owen Daten Nicolay (1895 - 1964).

Burial: Highland Cemetery, Scranton, Osage County, Kansas.

Mr. Nicolay was born between 1850 and 1851, in Illinois.  Married Belle Lynnville.  Mr. Nicolay came to Osage county in 1866, and settled in section 2, of Fairfax township.  He is a farmer, the farm is called Cedar Lane Farm.  He also served as Trustee, for Fairfax township. Mr.  &  Mrs.  Nicolay had eleven children.  The farm was about eight to ten miles south west of Osage City, Kansas, from which he got his mail and supplies.

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