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Lieutenant Colonel Lewis R. Jewell

Lieut. Colo. Lewis R. Jewell.

Lieutenant Colonel Lewis R. Jewell.

Birth: Aug. 16, 1822, Massachusetts.
Death: Nov. 30, 1862, Arkansas.

Sixth Kansas Cavalry, Field and Staff, residence Fort Scott, Mustered July 27, 1861.

He fought in the American Civil War, lieutenant-colonel of the Sixth Kansas Cavalry Regiment stationed at Ft. Scott, Kansas. Orders to the Colonel to burn the city of Ft. Scott. The colonel replyed, "Only when Gereal Price comes to Ft. Scott will I obey," Price never came. At Cane Hill the Colonel's horse was shot and we was wounded and died.
Burial: Old Arcadia Cemetery, Arcadia, Crawford County, Kansas.

The following information comes from a book which can be found and read on line.
The Union Indian Brigade in the Civil War.  By Willey Britton, Pub. 1922.

Battle at Cane Hill.
The death of Lieut. Col. Lewis R. Jewell.

Colonel Jewell responded to the call, offering to lead the charge and every man of his command present volunteered to follow their leader, and in a moment the bugle sounded the charged, and the Colonel at the head of his men, hardly exceeding two hundred and fifty, with drawn sabers, dashed forward down the valley and soon came upon the enemy filling the road and commenced sabering them right and left, some of his men putting up their sabers and using their colt's revolvers more effectively.

The charge continued down the valley for a quarter of a mile when the Colonel was just entering one of the narrow gorges described, to the left of which was a flat elevation ten to fifteen feet above the road proximal end of a ravine, made by the soil washing down from the mountain, and received a volley from the rifles of a company stationed on the elevation within two or three rods and was struck in the region of the hip with a ball and mortally wounded.  Colonel Jewell died that night November 29, 1862, and was taken back to Fort Scott for interment. 

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