Monday, January 23, 2012

The Death Of John H. Strange & Arthur Schmutz.

The following short came from a book written by Christian Bernhardt ( 1910 ), called: Indian Raids in Lincolon County, Kansas, 1864 and 1869.

This is a very interesting book, it tells all about the Indian raids and Indian battles that took place in Lincolon county Kansas.

Note.  This is not written word for word from the book I changed the wording to make it read better.

It was May 30, 1869, and John H. Strange was at his fathers house ( John S. Strange ), with a friend Arthur Schmutz, both were in about in their fourteen year.  On this day two or three indians rode up and found the boys alone, saying they came in friendship, but the boys did not take it that way.  One indian rode toward John H. Strange, and raising to his full height and give Strange a terrial blow to the head with a club, young Strange died without a stroggle.  Seeing what happened to his friend Schmutz started to run, but was shot with a arrow, which the shaff was extracted all except part of the aarrow head.Schmutz was taken to Fort Harker and placed in the hospital, were he suffered for ten weeks before drying, he was buried at Fort Harker. 

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