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Dr. Thomas L. McCarty, Dodge City Kansas.

1883-DR. Thomas L. McCarty, physician and surgeon (allopathicschool) (sic) and dealer in a general stock of drugs and medicines, carries a stock of $3,000. He came to Dodge City, Kan., in November, 1872, and opened a medical office. He opened the drug trade in 1877. He was born in Tuscola, Ill., 1848, and educated in his native State. He graduated from the Jefferson Medical College at Philadelphia, Pa., in the class of 1870. Began the practice of his profession at St. Louis, MO., where he continued until he came to Kansas. Was married in 1871, to Miss S. L. Artt, of Cynthiana, Ky. They have one son-Claude E. The doctor is a member of the Masonic order, including K. T., I. O. O. F. and K. Of P. He has served as County Physician for Ford County a number of years, and Superintendent of Public Instruction six years, and has been surgeon for the A. T. & S. F. R. R. for the past six years.

This photograph shows an exterior view of the Drug Store on the northwest corner of 2nd and Front Street in Dodge City, Kansas. Several men are seen posing for the photograph in front of the store, and a boy is partially visible behind the post on the left. The man on the right of the group is Dr. T. L. McCarty, identified as the first doctor in Dodge City.  Date: Between 1875 and 1885.

This photograph show interior views of the City Drug Store located on the northwest corner of Front and 2nd Avenue in Dodge City, Kansas. The first photograph shows Dr. Walter F. Pine, Dr. T. L. McCarty, and Dr. C. A. Milton standing in the store with various items on display on the shelves in the background. The second photograph shows several employees and customers in the store. The people pictured are (from left to right): Druggist Mervin, Mrs. J. H. Phillips, an unidentified lady, Dr. Walter F. Pine, Dr. Claude E. McCarty, Dr. T. L. McCarty, and Lutie Welch.  Date: 1887

Update September 21, 2012.

The following information is given by Kirsten Anderson.

I happened across your blog today, and want to thank you for your page  about my ancestor, TL McCarty. TL was my great-great grandfather. My sisters and brother and I have very few historical records because my  grandmother donated them to the Kansas Historical Society, but I do have some information that you might find useful. I did spot one error 
in your story. T.L. (also his son, C.E.) were graduates of Rush  College of Medicine in Chicago, Illinois.  T.L.'s given name was Thomas and his wife's name was Sallie.

I'm not sure if you find it interesting, but when Claude was a young  boy, he was a great fan of that new sport of bicycling. TL purchased  some property to have a bicycle track leveled so Dodge City kids could  get exercise and compete in bicycle races.  That track became a race car track, however I don't know if it still exists. I understand a  roller skating rink was also built by T.L. (again, so the folks in Dodge could get healthy exercise), but it burned down (as did the  hospital that he founded.)
Kirsten Anderson

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