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More Kansas Pensioners.

These men came to Kansas after the Civil War to start a new life.

John Freymeyer, Private, Mustered in, September 11, 1861. Discharged, date unknown; re-enlisted June 21, 1863; discharged on Surgeon Certificate, May 25, 1865.

Pension, John Freymeyer, residence Eureka, Gun shot wound right shoulder, $8.00, per month.

John S. Eastwood, Rank Private, Company H., Unit 48th., ILL., US Infantry, Residence MT CARMEL, WABASH CO, ILL., Age 18., Joined When FEB 1, 1864, Joined Where MT CARMEL, ILL., Period 3 YRS, Muster In MAR 7, 1864, Muster In Where CENTRALIA, ILL., Muster Out JUN 22, 1865, Muster Out Where QUINCY, IL.

Pension, John S. Eastwood, residence Eureka, loss of left leg above knee, $24.00, per month.
Note. A lot more can be read about him at the site of ( Find a grave.)

George O. Lovett, Private, Company A., Unit 76th., Illinois United States Infantry, Residence BELMONT, IROQUOIS CO, ILL., Age 21, Height 5' 7, Hair BLACK, Eyes HAZEL, Complexion DARK, Marital Status SINGLE, Occupation FARMER, Nativity NIAGARA CO, NY., Joined When JUL 24, 1862, Joined Where MIDDLEPORT, ILL., Period 3 YRS, Muster In AUG 22, 1862, Muster In Where KANKAKEE, ILL., Muster Out MAY 24, 1865, Muster Out Where NEW ORLEANS, LA.

Pension, George O. Lovett, residence Madison, Kansas, Wound to right thigh, $4.00, per month.

John J. Greenhalgh or Greenhauigh, Private, 8th., Kansas volunteer Infantry, Company G., Enlister Sept. 21, 1861, Mustered in Sept. 28, 1861. Discharged for dis. June 17,18'64, Jefferson Barracks MO. Wounded in action Sept. 19, 1863, Chicamauga, Ga.
Note. The National Park Service has him in companies B &C., the Kansas show no records as this being the case.

Pension, John J. Greenhalgh or Greenhauigh, residence Virgil, Kansas, Gun shot wound left leg, is., Heart, $8.00, per month.

James V. Moon, Private, 24th., Wisconsin Infantry, Company D.

Pension, James V. Moon, residence Coolidge, Kansas, Dis. Of lungs, $6.00, per month.

Henry H. Adney, Sergeant, 36th., Ohio, Infantry, Company B. & K., Enlisted August 12, 1861, Age 20. Promoted to First Lieutenant of Co. K., March 8, 1863, Veteran. Mustered out with regiment July 27, 1865.

Pension, Henry H. Adney, residence Zamora, Kansas, Gun shot wound to mouth and lower jaw, $6.00, per month, starting January 1882.

James M. Lufkin, Private, 32nd., Massachusetts Infantry, Company A., Enlisted October 31, 1861, Mustered in November 26, 1861, residence Templeton, Age 36, Mechanic. Discharged November 24, 1864.

Pension, James M. Lufkin, residence Elk Falls, Kansas, injury to abdomen, $ 4.00., per month, starting June,1880.

Albert R. Quigg, Private, Date Enrolled: 1862/08/06, Where Enrolled: Richmond, Indiana, Age: 19, Regiment: 69th., Infantry, Company: E. Discharge Date: 1863/08/08.

Pension, Albert R. Quigg, residence Elk Falls, Kansas, Gun shot wound to right thigh, $2.00, per month, starting October 1864.

Lycurgus A. Wolfe, Private & Corporal, 3rd. West Virginia Cavalry, Company K.

Pension, Lycurgus A. Wolfe, residence Grenola, Kansas, Gun shot wound left thigh, $2.00, per month, starting March 1882.

Hezekiah B. Wakefield, Date Enrolled: 1861/12/24, Where Enrolled: Indianapolis, Indiana, Age: 21, Regiment: 53, Company: A., Discharge Date: 1865/05/15. Remarks: Corporal. 2nd Lieutenant, Sept. 1, 1862. Captain March 1, 1864. Paroled 30 days on March 11, 1865, order 119. Discharged honorably, order 275.

Pension, Hezekiah B. Wakefield, residence Grenola, Kansas, Gun shot wound left arm, $ 5.00, per month, starting May, 1877.

Jonathan Labrant, Private, Company G., Unit 58th., Illinois United States Infantry, Residence PIERCEVILLE, DEKALB CO, ILL., Age 26, Height 5' 8, Hair DARK, Eyes BLUE, Complexion LIGHT, Marital Status MARRIED, Occupation FARMER, Nativity
Ohio, Joined When DEC 1, 1861, Joined Where PIERCEVILLE, ILL., Period 3 YRS, Muster In DEC 31, 1861, Muster In Where CHICAGO, ILL., Muster Out FEB 7, 1865, Muster Out Where CHICAGO, ILL. Remarks MUSTERED OUT AS CORPORAL TERM EXPIRED.

Pension, Jonathan Labrant, residence Howard, Kansas, Gun shot wound left hand, loss part index finger & tender cicatrix. $ 4.00, per month, starting July,1882.

Doctor F. Morrow, Private, Date Enrolled: 1864/03/16, Where Enrolled: Huntington, Indiana, Age: 26, Regiment: 131, Company A., Cavalry/ Battery Unit: 13th Cavalry. Remarks: Promoted to Hospital Steward, August 6, 1864, Field & Staff. Reenlisted 1864/04/17, at Macon, Mississippi, Discharge Date: 1865/11/18. Remarks: Field & Staff. Asst Surg. Hospital Steward Until August 1, 1865.

Pension, Doctor F. Morrow, residence Longton, Kansas, chr. diar., dis. lungs & heart $18.00, per month.

Samuel H. Kelsey, Private, 84th., Indiana Volunteer Infantry, Company I.

Pension, Samuel H. Kelsey, residence Atchison, Kansas, Gun shot wound of neck, $2.00, per month, starting Oct.,1880.

Henry Mangelsdorf, Private, 15th., Missouri Infantry, Company A., Age 19., Enlisted July 16, 1861, at St. Louis Arsenal, Mustered in September 2, 1861, at St. Louis Arsenal. Remarks: Sick in Hospital since December 2, 1861. Missing in action September 20, 1863. Mustered out at expiration of term.

Pension, Henry Mangelsdorf, residence Atchison, Kansas, Gun shot wound of left hip, $10.00, per month.

Charles W. Slawson, Corporal & Sergeant, 114th., New York Volunteer Infantry, Company A., enlisted at Guilford, age 36.

Pension, Charles W. Slawson, residence Atchison, Kansas, Gun shot wound pelvis, $24.00, per month.

Samuel Shool, Private, 15th., Volunteer Cavalry, Company G.

Pension, Samuel Shool, residence Atchison, Kansas, varicose veins of legs, $6.00, per month, starting June, 1882.

Joshua Hollands or Holland, Private, 2nd, Kansas Cavalry Company D., residence Eden, Kansas, Enlisted Oct. 31, 1861, Mustered in same day. Remarks: On detached service in General Hospital at Leavenworth, Kan., since December 16, 1861; no further record of him.

Pension, Joshua Hollands or Holland, residence Atchison, Kansas, shell wound, and var. veins right leg, $4.00, per month, starting Oct.1882.

Donald ( Daniel ) Beton, private, 32nd., Illinois Infantry, Company G, Residence LEBANON, ST CLAIR CO, ILL., Age 23, Height 5' 4, Hair DARK, Eyes GRAY, Complexion LIGHT,, Marital Status SINGLE, Occupation LABORER, Nativity DUNDEE, SCOTLAND. Remarks: Reenlisted as a veteran.

Pension, Residence Arkansas City, Kansas, Gun shot wound right hip, $2.00, per month, starting Aug., 1881.

Alpheus S. Blakely, Private, Company E., Unit 34th., Illinois United States Infantry, Residence MARION, OGLE CO, ILL., Age 42, Height 5' 11 ½, Hair BROWN, Eyes BLUE, Complexion FLORID, Marital Status MARRIED, Occupation FARMER, Nativity FRANKLIN CO, MA., Joined When SEP 24, 1861, Joined Where MARION, ILL., Period 3 YRS, Muster In SEP 7, 1861, Muster In Where CAMP BUTLER, ILL.

Pension, Alpheus S. Blakely, residence Carter Creek, Kansas, Wounded left hip, $8.00,per month.

George W Emrich/Emerick, Age: 25 Birthplace: Ross Co., OH Rank at enlistment: 1st Lieutenant Company Assignment: A. 2/4/1864 Enlisted Camp Davies, MS. 3/10/1865, Wounded in Action, Monroe's Crossroads, Solomon Grove, NC., Was sent to General Hospital, Wilmington, NC.

Pension, George W Emrich/Emerick, residence, Longford, Kansas, wounded left thigh, $12.75, per month.

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