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ABRAHAM SMITH, farmer, Sections 5, 8 and 9, P. O. Yates Center, came to Kansas in July, 1860. He located in Allen County on a farm, where he remained until 1870, when he came to his present location. He has served with credit for himself and with entire satisfaction to the people as Sheriff of Woodson County two successive terms. He enlisted in Company G, Ninth Kansas Volunteer Cavalry, in September, 1861, and was mustered in January, 1862. Served three years and four months, and was principally engaged in escorting trains, hunting guerrillas, fighting bushwhackers, scouting, skirmishing, and doing border service generally. He was mustered out in January, 1865. He had numerous hairbreadth escapes while in the army and while Sheriff. The first time Humboldt was sacked by the rebels he was taken prisoner and held for two days, but escaped by strategy. The second time he was captured he escaped while under fire of six guns, being chased over two miles and having thirty shots fired at him. While on advance guard in the Army in Arkansas in 1864, he and two others were fired at from the brush at close range, while crossing a creek bridge, there being about 200 shots fired without effect. While Sheriff, he was in two shooting affairs, but has never yet been touched by a ball. He was born in Morgan County, Ohio, July 7, 1819, son of Joseph and Hannah Smith. He lived in his native county ten years, McLean County, Ill., three years, Putnam County one year, Kendall County about seventeen years, and Bureau County ten years, and then came to Kansas in 1860. He was married in Kendall County, Ill., July 10, 1841, to Angeline Ackley, who is a native of Ohio, and daughter of Ezra and Elsie Ackley. They have nine children living--Ellen F., Phoebe Ann, Laura A. H., Francis M., Mary H., Elizabeth, Chester, Ada E. and Charles A. While a boy, George L. was killed while in the line of duty during the war of the rebellion. His oldest boy, Joseph Ezra, died when about six years old. Mr. Smith is one of the most extensive farmers in Woodson County, having a farm of 600 acres near Yates Center. He is one of our enterprising and most reliable business men, and in the discharge of his duties while Sheriff he knew no fear, and was a terror to evil-doers, making one of the most efficient officers of the law ever intrusted with that position in the county.

Service Record.

Abraham Smith, Private, Ninth Kansas Cavalry, Company G., Enlisted September 11, 1861, Mustered in January 16, 1861, Residence Humboldt Kansas, Promoted Farrier April 30, 1862; mustered out Jan. 16, 1865, DeVall's Bluff, Ark. Farrier and Blacksmith, reduced to ranks June 20, 1862.

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