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Captain Marion N. Beeler.

Even though the two photo’s on this page are good and clear I have a problem with them. As you will note one photo is of a young Captain Beeler while the other is of a older Captain Beeler, both photo studio cards have the right information, but I feel one is in error I will leave it up to you readers to decided.
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Marion N. Beeler.

Birth: Unknown.
Death: Unknown.
Burial: Fort Smith National Cemetery, Fort Smith, Sebastian County, Arkansas.

Was of the 13th., Kansas Volunteer Infantry Company B., his home was Troy Kansas and was mustered in on September 20, 1862, was a First Lieutenant then promoted to Captain on May 19, 1863. He died on August 13, 1864, at Van Buren, Ark., from wounds he received in a Skirmish on August 1, 1864.

On August 1, 1864, Captain Marion N. Beeler was in command of a scouting party, consisting of companies B. & F., Attacked a band of guerrillas in the night that had taken refuge in a log house, in which the captain received mortal wound and one enlisted man was wounded.

VAN BUREN, August 12, 1864.

General THAYER:

Our troops under Captain Beeler, of Thirteenth Kansas, attacked a party of bushwhackers last night twenty-five miles northeast of here, and a severe engagement ensued. Several of our men were wounded. Among the number Captain Beeler, mortally wounded in the abdomen. I have just sent an ambulance and escort out to the party to bring in the wounded. I do not know the loss of the enemy.

Colonel, Commanding Post.

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