Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Roger McPhail Sr., of Scranton Kansas.

>Those of you who been to this site many times and to it’s sister site ( Civil War Days & Those Surnames ) http://civilwarthosesurnames.blogspot.com/ Know my family came from Scranton Kansas, and how interested I am in it history so when someone asks about a family from there I get real interested. The other day a gentleman Wrote to me from Scotland and asked about the McPhail family of Scranton. It was fun to work on and the information was interesting so I decided to do this page so this information will help other McPhail families who are looking into this side of their family.

Note. This information was taken the Scranton Centennial Booklet 1872-1972.

Note. To enlarge the photos push on them.

Roger McPhail Sr. came from Scotland to the united States in 1865 and settled in Steubenville, Ohio, where he married Johanna Robertson July 4, 1870. They were married by the Rev. Williams at the Methodist Church, Steubenville, Ohio. To this union eleven children were born of which two are still living ( This was written in 1972 ), Grace Drake McCauley and Anna Michaels Wilson. Three children preceded their mother and father in death. They moved to Kansas in 1881 and settled in Carbon Hill east of Carbondale, Kansas. Later they moved Scranton, and to the McPhail farm northeast of Scranton, where the father and sons started a coal mine, which they operated many years.

Grandpa McPhail built the First Assembly of God Church in Scranton in 1913 where they still holding services. The McPhail family were all musically inclined and at one time had their own choir. Grandmother McPhail passed away in 1911 and Grandfather McPhail in 1917.

Harry, the oldest of the family, was a coal miner in Kansas and Illinois and was mine inspector for the state ten years. Roger was a clerk and later a mail carrier for many years. John was a minister, Hugh worked in the pottery factory in West Virginia, William and Joe farmed the home place together until William bought a farm southeast of Scranton and Joe bought the home place. Grace was married to James Drake and they lived in Scranton where James owned and operated a grocery store. Anna was married to Lynn Michaels and they farmed south of Lyndon until he passed away and she moved to Osage City. There were 40 grandchildren and several of the 40 still live in Scranton with their families.

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