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Knights of Columbus in Kansas.

This information comes from a book called (Knights of Columbus; Their First Fifty Years in Kansas.) This book was printed in 1950. ( Now I do not endorse any religious organizations or lodges ), but I will go any where there are surnames, to help you find information on your family members. This never ending hunt may takes me into church records, Jail records and government records, and I will go where ever I think I can find interesting facts on a surname, so you will have a chance to find out something out about your ancestor you never know before.

Knights of Columbus in Kansas.

Peter J. Monaghan.

Peter J. Monaghan, was a State Deputy ( 1902-1903), of Topeka Council 534, was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, in 1859, but was a resident of Topeka sometime in the eighties. He began his business life as a bookkeeper of the Southwestern Coal and Fuel Company and rose to become its owner and manger. He was happily married to Nellie A., ( 1870-1917 ), and had four sons. He was a charter member and Grand Knight of Topeka Council 534, and was elected State Deputy in 1902. He was very active in the organization of the Knights, and served in various official capacities during the early years. During the first World War he spoke as a Four-minute Man in the Liberty Loan campaign and was a National Representative of the United War Workers Campaign. The vigor of his faith is indicated by the fact that he was a daily communicate. He died He died March 15, 1919.
Burial: Mount Calvary Cemetery, Topeka, Shawnee County, Kansas.

Richard F. Hayden.

Richard F. Hayden, was born near Wetmore Kan., but lived in Topeka most of his life. He married Florence J. Johnston and they had three children. He practiced law from 1899, until his retirement in 1927. He was appointed Judge of the Probate Court of Shawnee County in 1903, and served two years. He was a charter member and Grand Knight of Topeka Council 534, Territorial Deputy until the fprmation of the State Council in 1902, and was elected State Deputy for the terms of 1903-1904. He died August 21, 1941.

Thomas J. Coughlin.

Thomas J. Coughlin, was born in Warrensberg, Missouri, in 1867. The family moved to Kansas the same year. He was educated at Spalding Business College in Kansas City and at St. Mary’s Collage. He married Mary White of Perry Kan., November 6, 1895. He was foreman of the car department of the Missouri Pacific in Kansas City for five years, chief clerk of the State Insane Asylum in Topeka for two years, and with a wholesale hardware firm in Kansas City for three years. After 1902, he was proprietor of the Coughlin Hardware Company in Topeka. He was a charter member of Topeka Council 534, and one of the outstanding figures in the growth of the Knights of Columbus in Kansas. He was State Secretary in 1902-1903, State Deputy for the terms 1904-1905, and a Supreme Director of the Order from 1908-1911, He died in Kansas City, Missouri, on October 24, 1939.

James W. Gibbons.

James W. Gibbons, Was born in St. Louis, Missouri, on December 9, 1865. He was married and had four sons. He worked for the Santa Fe for forty-three years and was general foreman of the passenger coach department at the time of his death in November 17, 1930. He he was a charter member and a Grand Knight of Topeka Council 534. He served as District Deputy and was the only State Deputy to be elected for three terms. He was Master of the Fourth Degree of the Kansas Jurisdiction for the years 1911-1912, and a Supreme Director from 1923 to his death. He was active organizer of the Knights of Columbus and was credited with instituting more councils in Kansas and neighboring state than any other man. After the first world War he was head of the Knights of Columbus Night School for servicemen in Topeka. The affection in which he was held by brother Knights is indicated by the resolution to offer Holy Communion for by the conventions of 1928 and 1930.

Charles Frances McCarthy.

Charles Frances McCarthy, was born in Philadelphia Pennsylvania, on October 24, 1872. His father died when Charles was only a few months old, and his mother came to Kansas City with her five children to make her home with a brother-in-law and his family. On January 10, 1898, he married Miss Nellie Mae Curry, the daughter of a Kansas City pioneer, James A. Curry. Three daughters were born to them. Most of his business life was spent as general agent for various fire insurance companies and his office was in Kansas City, Kansas. He was State Deputy of Kansas Knights of Columbus from 1909-1911. He died after about a year’s illness, on May 10, 1920.

W. J. Moriarity.

W. J. Moriarity, Was a charter member of St. Mary’s Council 657, its Grand Knight in 1904-1905, and State Deputy from 1911-1913. During the First World War he was a special agent for the Order and worked first on the Mexican border and then in the Knights of Columbus War Work. He was engaged in the life insurance business and now resides in St. Louis.

William Dennis Jochems.

William Dennis Jochems, was born in Topeka, April 20, 1886. He attended the Kansas State Normal School at Emporia and took his degree in law from the Kansas City of Law in 1910. A year later he married Helen Roetzel and they had three sons. She died in 1922 and three years later married Alicia C. Healy. He taught in the public schools from 1904-1906. He began the practice of law in Wichita in 1910, was assistant city attorney in 1911, was associate justice of the Supreme Court of Kansas in 1930-1931, and is a member of the law firm of Jochem. Sargent and Blaes, and counsel for the board of regents of the University of Wichita. He is a member of Phi Alpha Delta, the Wichita Bar Association ( ex-president ), and the Kansas Bar Association. He is a director of the First National Bank of Wichita. He was presented with the Catholic Action Award in 1941 and was made a Papal Knight of St. Gregory in 1942.

George Daniel bordenkircher.

George Daniel bordenkircher, was born March 30, 1871, Mount Sterling Illinois. The family moved to Burlington Kansas, about 1881. He was a charter member of Emporia Council 727, its Grand Knight in 1905-1906, State Secretary from 1908-1910, and State Deputy in 1915-1916. He refused a second term as State Deputy for business reasons. In announcing this State Deputy Gibbons credited him with restoring harmony to the State Council and with extraordinary growth of the membership during his term. He was interested in history and was the active head of the Kansas Catholic Historical Society. His outstanding characteristics were his zeal and fervor; he was one of those responsible for the vigorous Retreat movement in the Knights of Columbus. When he died on January 27, 1938, William Allen White saluted him as a scholar and gentleman, who was also a devout and conscientious Christian through all his happy useful life.

Michael A. Quigley.

Michael A. Quigley, was born in Newcastle, New Brunswick, Canada, on October 2, 1860. He took his degree at the University of New Brunswick and then studied medicine There and in Boston. The urge to go west put and end to his medical education and after having established himself in Atchison Kan., he returned to New Brunswick to marry Anna J. Sharky. They had two children. Mr. Quigley was known throughout northern Kansas and southwest Nebraska in the wholesale grocery business. He was admitted to citizenship in 1916. He served as Chancellor, Deputy Grand Knight, and Grand Knight of Sacred Heart Council 723, in Atchison. He was appointed District Deputy in 1814, was elected State Deputy in 1914, was elected State Deputy for the terns of 1916-1917, and was Master of the Fourth Degree from 1918-1925. He died May 7, 1927.

James F. Sheehy.

James F. Sheehy, was born in Shullsburg Wisconsin. He married Gladys C. Curtis of Paola Kan., He was an Internal Revenue Agent from 1914, to his retirement in 1945. Sine 1924, his residence has been in Long Beach California. He was Grand Knight of Paola Council for three terms, District Deputy for two years, State Advocate from 1914-1916, and State Deputy from 1918-1920. He was one of the group that initiated the Laymen’s Retreat movement in Kansas and continued that interest in his present home where he has also been president of the Holy Name Society and the St. Vincent de Ppaul Society.

Thomas P. Downs.

Thomas P. Downs, was born June 9, 1881. He married Marie E. Walsh of Beloit, Kan., on June 10, 1905. They have four children. He served as Financial Secretary of Beloit Council from 1904, the year he was initiated, until 1912, and as Grand Knight from 1912-1918. He was a member of the State Fourth Degree Staff from 1917-1922. He was District Deputy 1916-1920, and State Deputy from 1920-1922. He entered the service of the Supreme Council in 1924 as a special agent and now resides in Kansas City.

James Malone.

James Malone, was born in Tecumseh, Nebraska, on November 22, 1874, He married Mary Mentlick of Iowa City and they have two sons. He farmed until he was thirty, was president of Malone and Wenzel, owners and operators of the Beaver Valley Roller Mills at Herndon from 1904-1920. He was a state legislator from 1908-1911, state senator from 1912-1920, and a member of the State Labor Commission from 1937-1939. He served as an enlisted man in the first World War and was first commander of the Sam Hubbard Post of the American Legion at Atwood. He has been a director of the Kansas State Historical Society since 1922. He has been president of the St. Vincent, dePaul and the Holy Name Societies in Topeka. He was District Deputy from 1915-1922 and State Deputy from 1922-1924. He is the senior member of the legal firm of Malone and Malone in Topeka and the senior member of the only father-and-son team among the past State Deputies of Kansas.

Patrick J. McGinley.

Patrick J. McGinley, was born at Killibegs, county Donegal, Ireland, October 14, 1867. He came to this country with his parents who first resided in Cleveland Ohio, and later moved to Chetopa Kansas. He first employment was as a clerk for the Missouri Pacific Railroad. In 1893 he left their employ to make a run into the Cherokee Strip with his brother Frank. After two years he returned to Chetopa and employment with the Missouri Pacific. In 1896, he was stationed at Pittsburg, Kansas, where he married Emma Felicia Pompeney on October 18, 1898. Five children were born to their marriage. He was a member of the Constitutional Convention of the State of Oklahoma, and joined the Knight of Columbus at Oklahoma City. After the death of his wife in 1938, he moved to Chicago and served as an acc0untant until his retirement in 1947. He now makes his home in Topeka. He is a member of the Fourth Degree, served Pittsburg Council as Gran Knight, and was State Deputy for the terms of 1924-1925.

Charles Alfred Beedy.

Charles Alfred Beedy, was born July 11, 1887 at Hill City Kansas. He taught school in Graham County where he married Mary Agnes McCarthy and they reared a family of nine children. He engaged in the real estate and building and loan business in Hays from 1919-1935. He moved to Topeka in 1936. He worked for the government during the second World War and has dealt in real estate and insurance since that time. He is active in the work of the Kansas Crippled Children Commission and is its district chairman at present. As District Deputy from 1918-1926 he was very active in the growth of the Order. He was State Deputy from 1926-1928 and Master of the Fourth Degree in 1929-1930. He was one of the first directors of the National Catholic Welfare Council, representing the archdiocese of St. Louis.

Michael J. Healy.

Michael J. Healy, was born March 8, 1891 at Lincoln, Kansas. He married Mary Joslin in 1912 and the reared a family of eight children. He graduated from the Kansas City School of Law and was admitted to the Kansas Bar in 1916. He practiced in Lincoln from 1916-1925, serving as clerk of the district court from 1917-1921 and as city attorney from 1921-1924. He moved to Topeka in 1924 to serve as general attorney for the Kansas Public Service Commission until 1929, when he returned to private practice in Topeka. He was chairman of the law committee representing eleven central western states in class rate cases before the Interstate Commerce Commission from 19225-1928. He was appointed to the legal department of the Interstate Commerce Commission in 1936. In the Knights of Columbus he served as District Deputy1922-1924, State Advocate 1824-1925, State Deputy 1928-1930, Master of the fourthDegree1930-1936, and Supeme Dicector 1930-1937. He died October 17, 1837. Burial: Saint Patricks Cemetery, Lincoln, Lincoln County, Kansas.

Joseph J. Sullivan.

Joseph J. Sullivan, was born at Tampa Kansas, on December 23, 1892. He married Ellen Doyle of Kansas City Missouri, on November 24, 1915. Six children en were born to them, three of whom are living. He joined Salina Council 601 in 1915 and served as Chancellor, Deputy Grand Knight, Grand Knight for five consecutive terms, and Trustee for six years. He was Drictrict Deputy for two years and State Deputy from 1830-1932. He has operated a mortuary in Salina for many years.

Vincent A. Smith.

Vincent A. Smith, was born in Washington D. C. on December 5, 1891. He took his degree in law from Georgetown University in 1915 and was admitted to the bar in the Supreme Court, D. C., in the same year. He was certified as a public accountant in Oklahoma in 1922, and in Missouri and Kansas in 1939. He married Mary Elizabeth Lappin of Lincoln, Nebraska, in 1922. They have three children. He was a member of the A. E. F. from 1917-1919. After the war he moved to Wichita and became a junior partner in Chas. A. Smith and Company accountants. Since 1939 he has been a partner in Lunsford, Barnes and Company, Certified Public Accountants in Wichita. He belongs to the Wichita in 1931-1935. He served his council as treasurer from 1923-1929, and Grand Knight in 1935. He was District Deputy in 1931-1932 and State Deputy from 1932-1934.

Edward D. Sheehan.

Edward D. Sheehan, was born at Independence Iowa, July 18, 1878. He joined the Knights of Columbus in 1903 at Dubuque and was a charter member and first Grand Knight of Goodland Council. He is a member of the Fourth Degree, was District Deputy from 1926-1930 and State Deputy from 1934-1936. He spent forty-eight years in railroad work as rules examiner and chief dispatcher for the Rock Island system. He retired in 1944 and now lives in Denver. He is unmarried.

M. J. Dorzweiler.

M. J. Dorzweiler, was born at Catherine Kansas, on January 5, 1899. He was married Matilda Dreiling of Hays Kan., on September 20, 1921. The had six children, four of whom are living. He was a member of St. Joseph Council 1325, at Hays, and served it as Grand Knight and Financial Secretary. He was District Deputy from 1930-1934, State Secretary for the terms 1934-1936, and State Deputy from 1936-1938. He participated in the degree work of the Order in all parts of the state on many occasions. He was general agent in the insurance department of the Knights of Columbus in Kansas from 1940-1948. He now operates a hotel in Denver.

Edward L. Dunbar.

Edward L. Dunbar, Was born in Kansas City, Kansas on August 18, 1896. He attended the school of journalism, Kansas University in 1913-14, the conservatory of music in 1915 and 1919. He served in the United States Navy in 1917 and 1918. He received his degree in law from the University of Kansas City in 1926. He was employed at the Kansas City Terminal Union Station and was appointed to the Board of appeals in Kansas City Kansas 1947. He married Josephine Quigley of Atchison in 1924. They had three children. He joined Bishop Miege Council in 1913 and served his council as Recorder, Chancellor, Lecture, Advocate, and five terms as Grand Knight. He was District Deputy in 1930-1932 and 1935-1936, State Deputy in 1938-1940 and has been Master of the Fourth Degree in Kansas since 1945.

Andrew Jerome Pflumm.

Andrew Jerome Pflumm, was born at Shawnee, July 13, 1899. He did his college work at St. Mary’s and Rockhurst and took his degree in law at the University of Kansas City. He married Elizabeth H. Lally in 1924. They have five daughters; their only son Andrew, was killed in action on Anzio Beachhead, February 18, 1944. Brother Pflumm was employed by the RANIN-Benedict Underwriting Company for 18 years and since 1936 has engaged in private practice at Mission, Kansas. He is chairman of the Shawnee Township Zoning Board, president of the Mission Fire Department for the past 10 years, and director of three township fire departments in Shawnee Township. He was the first Financial Secretary of Shawnee Council 2332 and held the office for four years. He has also served the council as Advocate and Grand Knight. He has been District Deputy, was Advocate in 1934-1935, and was State Deputy from 1940-1942.

Emmet Andrew Blaes.

Emmet Andrew Blaes, was born in Cherryvale on April 18, 1907. He attended Conception College and Kansas State Teachers College at Pittsburg. He received the degree of Bachelor of Laws from Creighton University in 1931. He married Anna Rose Sebron Kranda of Omaha on October 3, 1933. They have three children. He has practiced law in Wichita sine 1931. He is associate counsel of the Diocese of Wichita and of the Farmers and Bankers Life Insurance Company, and a director and treasurer of the Insulwool Insulation Corporation. He is president of the National Council of Catholic Men and was awarded an Honor Scroll for work in the field of Catholic Action by Conception College in 1942. He was State Deputy from 1942-1944. His home is in Wichita.

Dr. Harry M. Klenda.

Dr. Harry M. Klenda, was born in Marion, March 16, 1907. He attended Sy. Procopius College and graduated from Loyola University in Chicago with the degree of Bachelor of Science in 1930 and as Doctor of Dental Science in 1931. He married Frances Elizabeth Trampota of Chicago on August 1, 1931. They have five children. He is a member of the Wichita Dental Society ( director 1937-40, president 1939-40), of the American and Kansas State Dental Associations, and the American Full Denture Society. He received the Kansas State Clinic Award in 1940. He was president of the Diocesan Catholic Action Committee from 1941-1943, vice-president of the Diocesan Confraternity of Christian Doctrine in 1937-1939, and is a member of the St. Vincent de Paul Society. He was awarded the papal decoration Benemerenti in 1949. He has served his council as Grand Knight and Trustee, and was elected State Deputy for the terms of 1944-1945. His home is in Wichita.

Clarence J. Malone.

Clarence J. Malone, was born in Herndon on March 18, 1910. He graduated from St. Mary’s College in 1931 and received his degree in law from Georgetown University in 1934. He married Audrey Wiss of Topeka on May2, 1935. They have four children. He has practiced law with his father, past State Deputy James Malone, in the firm of Malone And Malone since 1934. He enlisted in the army in 1942 and was mustered out an officer in 1945. He was state representative of the National Catholic Community Service to form the USO in 1941 and the first state chairman of the USO in 1941-1942. He is president of the National Council of Catholic Men for the Diocese of Kansas City in Kansas. In Topeka Council 534 he has been Chancellor 1934-1938 and Grand Knight in 1938-1940. He was State Advocate in 1940-1942, State Deputy in 1946-1948, and has been Supreme Warden since 1947. His home is in Topeka.

John G. Dowd.

John G. Dowd, was born in Saint Paul Kansas, on March 16, 1910. He attended St. Benedict’s College in 1927-1928. He taught in the rural schools of Neosho County 1929-1931 and was principal of the grade schools of St. Paul from 1931-1940. He married Pauline Bulger of Cherryvale on May 25, 1940. At that time he entered government servive as Deputy Collector of Internal Revenue. He has since been stationed at Winfield, Coffeyville, and Marysville. He served in the navy in 1944-1945. He has been a member of the Knights of Columbus since 1p28. He served as Deputy Grand Knight and Grand Knight of St. Paul Council 760, was District Deputy in 1935-1937 and 1940-1941, Stater Treasurer 1937-1939, Grand Knight of Coffeyville Council 991 in 1943-1944, State Secretary 1946-1948, and since 1948 he has been State Deputy. He makes his home in Marysville.

Joseph D. Hurley.

Joseph D. Hurley, was born in Leavenworth on July 28, 1868 and attended the old Cathedral school. He married Agnes Frances Downey on October 26, 1892. He was a railroad man for fifty years. He went to work for the Missouri Pacific in 1888 and nine years later joined the Union Pacific from whose service he retired in 1938. The last twenty years of his service he was deport passenger agent in the Kansas City Union Station. After his retirement he made his home with his daughter, Mrs. A. V. Christ, in Leavenworth. He was a member of St. Vincent de Paul Society. He was a member of the Board of Education for sixteen years and its president for twelve years. He was a charter member and the first Grand Knight of Leavenworth Council 900, and a member of the Fourth Degree. He was elected Warden of the State Council in 1906 and was reelected by joyous acclamation every year thereafter. He was probably the best liked and certainly the best known Knight in Kansas. He was presented with a tea service in 1929 to honor his twenty-fifth year in office. The length of his service makes the slight error in figures understandable. The convention at Manhattan in 1948 was the first one he failed to attend since joining the Knights. His death on August 23, 1948 marked the end of an era for Kansas Knights.

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